Be careful of phishing emails and other suspicious emails

In this technology age, we can never be too trusting of emails that we get. After all, you never know if it's a scam, a hoax or a way to cheat you of your money, your property or worse, your identity. You may think that these hoaxes emails are just waste of your time but it can be much, much worse.

Many people are unaware of the rising crime of identity theft. By identity theft, it means people can use your personal information that they gleaned from you through their fraudulent emails and then 'become you'. They could go to the extent of using your name, your social security number and everything about you to purchase things, to take up mortgages or to even commit crimes!

That is why you should be very careful about releasing your personal details to virtual strangers and if you have already done that, it is best that you check whether your identity have been stolen in sites like ID Watchdog. It is a good thing that there are sites like ID Watchdog so that we can be reassured that there's no one else out there using our identity to commit crimes or run up a really huge bill!