Blogging and truth

***recently edited to save blogger's butt***

Let me get this straight.

There is this huge furore over the brainless utterings of an Umno leader.

While political leaders could get away with that, we, bloggers and website owners, are not allowed to express what we feel honestly, truthfully and with no holds barred (in the likes of RPK).

Cyberlaw expert Deepak Pillai warns: "Anything that is not allowed in the real world, in most cases, is also an offence in cyberspace."

But it is perfectly alright for that politician, whose name I refuse to write here except in the excerpts, to mouth off in front of a huge crowd at a public place.

Now, based on the cyberlaw expert who said that anything that is not allowed in the real world means it is also an offence in cyber world, so now that it is allowed to talk nonsense in public?

After all, that politician is getting off scot-free with a mere tap on the wrist, not even a firm slap. So, it surely means it is perfectly alright to say bad things. In public. In front of a huge crowd.

But then I forgot. Malaysia has two sets of laws. One for BN and one for the commoners. The BN leaders can do whatever, say whatever they want and they are never in the wrong. While us, commoners can't do whatever or say whatever we want or be brought to Kamunting for free board and sand-laced food or get threatened with the:

"Don't play with fire"


Seriously. Things are getting really sickening. If this goes on any longer, I have no doubt that we will end up like Malaysiakini's interesting 'a look at the future' story.


Merdeka celebrations in Penang

This will be the first year that our new state government celebrates Merdeka in Penang as the state government. If you are wondering what's going on this weekend in line with our 51st Merdeka celebrations, here are the details:

Merdeka Countdown 2008

@ Komtar

On Merdeka eve (duh!)

9pm onwards

To include

@ Auto-City Juru

Time: 6pm onwards

Events to include live concerts and also fireworks

Unless you really have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I'd advise that you try not to go in too many cars to Komtar. It's gonna be jammed worse than a can of tunas. Best to carpool or better still, stay home. Heh.

If it's fireworks, you wanna see, can go where you can see Komtar to watch it as I heard that the fireworks will be released from the top of Komtar for all to see.

Now, for Merdeka Day:

National Day Parade

@ Queensbay Mall

Time: 8am onwards

Events: Parade and cultural shows

Now, go enjoy Merdeka!


The Anwar Ibrahim Factor

When the BN kept going on and on about winning back Permatang Pauh in the recently ended by-election, they forgot about the Anwar Ibrahim factor. Or perhaps they decided to ignore it or possibly, they were blind to it.

So, what's an Anwar Ibrahim factor?

Well, it is quite easy to explain.

It is....

...the need for change

...the need to get rid of marginalisation

...the need for corruption to be reduced and eradicated if possible

...the need for the true Malaysian spirit instead of a nation divided by different ideals

...the need for true justice

...the need for real improvement to the country

...the need for a really clean, fair and wise government able to lead the country to better economic standing

...the need for freedom from various means of gagging and control and dictatorship

...the need for the people's needs to be cared for

...the need for a better governance of the country's resources

Now, I am not saying that Anwar Ibrahim can fulfill all these needs. Sure, he made a lot of promises in his campaign and prior to that too. But that's what politicians do. They make promises. They promise you the sky, the moon, the sun, everything they can think of. That does not mean they can keep these promises.

Now, I am not saying that Anwar won't keep his promises but don't forget, he is human after all. He is not God. There are things that even the 'great' Anwar Ibrahim could not do. So, do please keep your feet firmly rooted to the ground and your mind thinking logically.

Sure, if Anwar Ibrahim do manage to wrest the government from BN, he may go about keeping his promises. Somehow, there may be obstacles to some of it that stop him from doing it. Or possibly, he found out that it is not possible to do so.

Just look at Penang's DAP-PKR (now PR) state government. They have been promising local council elections in their campaign but now that they are the state government, they are not able to implement it now due to legalities. Their hands are tied, at least for several years before they could change the law to make it happen.


So, Anwar Ibrahim won the by-election with such a high majority due to the Anwar Ibrahim factor. It is this factor that had the people all riled up and voting against BN. Not so much of the people wanting Anwar Ibrahim to be Prime Minister (although quite a number do want it) but it is more of votes against BN due to the Anwar Ibrahim factor.

Now, we shall see if the Anwar Ibrahim factor will be fulfilled.


The much awaited debate is disappointing to say the least

It must be all the hype leading up to the debate. I was expecting real exposures and real answers on the land scams that our Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been going on and on about but all the debate revealed was a stalemate.

Lim fired off his opening salvo by naming five cases of ‘land scandals' - which he claimed would cost losses of up to RM1.5 billion to the state - allegedly due to faults by the former Barisan Nasional administration led by Koh.

- Malaysiakini
It got off to an okay but hardly surprising start as there is really nothing new with what Lim Guan Eng said since he has been harping on the issues and repeated the details of the land scams numerous times over the last few weeks (or is it months?).

What was even more disappointing was that Koh Tsu Koon did not really provide the answers to any of the issues raised by Guan Eng. All he did was beat around the bush and skirt around the issue and give a really general answer.

Koh replied that the matter had been probed internally and by the Anti-Corruption Agency twice where no concrete evidence can be found to take action on anyone.

- Malaysiakini

So, it looks like nothing was revealed and Guan Eng did not get to the bottom of all these shady land deals. What a waste of that one hour watching these two regurgitating statements they've already made via the press over the last few weeks.

The only difference is that it is verbalised and there are panelists who did not even ask any intelligent, probing questions to make any of them sweat under the collar. If you missed the debate, go read the brief report on it here (Malaysiakini).


Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng exposes another land scam even as the debate draw near

I don't know, I just feel that the current 'hero' amongst many Penangites is getting really annoying.

Yes, I am referring to the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. He may be preaching a lot of CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) but he should just shut up and start doing what he was elected to do.

Now that he and his predecessor have agreed to go at each other on live TV, shouldn't he just concentrate on running the state or even helping Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his Permatang Pauh by-election instead of continuing with this childish quibble with Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon?

They will be engaging on a live debate on Wednesday which will be shown on live TV at 8pm. The title is supposed to be on the truth of land scams in Penang. So, why the heck is Guan Eng revealing yet another scam just mere days before the debate?

Here's his most recent revelation:

Former Penang Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon should explain why when he was the Chairman of PDC, he gave special favours to a private company, Business Focus Sdn Bhd (BFSB), that resulted in PDC losing at least RM 9 million without being able to get its land back. PDC sold shares in PSC to BFSB by an agreement dated 27th April 1992 for the price of RM29 million, which included land in Pulau Jerejak.

Instead of full payment being given over a normal period, BFSB were given until 6 years till 31 May 2008 to pay the RM 29 million. Unfortunately, BFSB defaulted on the final RM 9 million payment and to date has still not paid up this sum. BFSB has since being wound up. Most disturbing is that BFSB has now being sold and the land transferred to another company.

The whole transaction reveals not only the losses to PDC of at least RM 9 million but also irregularities, failure to follow basic financial and management procedures as well as lack of compliance with legal documentation to protect the interests of PDC. The failure of Koh and the top management of PDC to follow up and protect the interests of PDC is most disturbing and a glaring failure to perform their statutory duties as Chairman and Board members in a competent and professional manner.

The public has lost at least RM 9 million over the sale of PSC and the land in Pulau Jerejak and Koh should give a full explanation in the public interests to uphold accountability and transparency. Worse a preliminary investigation revealed that BFSB enjoyed special favours not given to other companies, and Koh is responsible to explain how the public benefited and why he gave such preferential treatment.
So, my question to the honorable Chief Minister is this. Why the hurry? Why not reveal all your cards on the debate itself? If you are trying to keep KTK on his toes and able to reply to all your questions, why stop here?

Why not just give him all the whole list of land scams instead of doing it one at a time every few days? Are you merely demanding attention or really doing this for Penang?

KTK's responses to Guan Eng so far also left much to be desired. This two really brings to mind two quibbling children who are two busy calling each other names to look at the big picture.

So, do keep your Wednesday evening open and free to watch them quibble in real life. Perhaps it would be even more interesting than in words read in the news.

I just hope that they really thrash it all out and get it over and done with.


The battle has started

Or so it seemed but it is bound to be the dirtiest ever in the history of Bodohland.

Of that I am very, very sure.

It started way before the signs of the battle could be seen. That was then. And now, here we are again.

I wonder if it will ever really end. Sigh.

Enough about that. I have been neglecting this blog on updates on Penang. Well, I've been meaning to post a very nasty post on the current favourites, DAP and PKR and PR.

No, not because I am taking the BN side. Or the Gerakan side. Or any political side.

Being non-political and mostly a politician-hater, I have always been able to look at any party objectively. No biasness, just plain observations and my own point of view.

So, sure, sometimes I may seem very pro-DAP or even pro-PKR or even pro-PR but let me reaffirm my statements in some of my posts, I hate politics and thus, I do not root for one party or another just because I think they are good. No political party is good. All are flawed. That's my opinion. Don't like it, too bad. Go rant about it in your own blog.

I will bash them if I deem it fit. I am certain I will get a lot of flack for bashing them here, now. But I feel it is time I let out some pent up feelings over the way they are doing things in recent times.

To the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng,

I think it is time that you start remembering you ARE the state government's top leadership. So, stop the finger pointing already. It is getting darn sickening. Seriously. I mean, it is okay if you let the cat out of the bag about the land deals and all but harping on it EVERY SINGLE BLARDY time is not going to cut it.

And this childish to and fro statements between you and your predecessor. Enough already. You are the Chief Minister now. Act like one and stop acting like the blardy Opposition.

And what's with the repetition of CAT every single blardy day?

Stop preaching and start practising, okay.

To the former Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon,

Woi. You don't know how to be an Opposition leader kah? Go take some lessons lar. Don't even know how to taruh the current CM kau kau wan. Ceh. Pussy.

To the ultra lame current line up of excos and DAP-PKR assemblymen,

Woi. You are NO LONGER the opposition in Penang. Can you get that blardy idea into your thick heads already? It's coming to a freaking five month of you being in power already. Blaming the previous government is getting really, really old.

FFS. We all know that the previous administration blardy screwed up. Don't have to harp on it every single blardy time.

Why don't you use your time constructively, like GOVERNING the blardy state for once?

And what's with this 'We want the PORR, the Monorail' nonsense? Wei, go ask most of the Penangites and see if they want the PORR or not! And you said you are for the people.

And monorail, sure we need some mode of public transportation but have you conducted a thorough study on it at all? Is it even suitable for tiny Penang island? Did you noticed how narrow our streets are?

To the Umno losers,

***too darn fed up to list out grievances here***

What else can I say, like a friend always told me. Stupidity can't be cured.

Also, to the PKR fellas,

Hell, I know you are all excited that your hero is coming to town and could possibly win the seat but please, don't be such hooligans, okay?

Five to seven men surrounding a single woman with the intention to beat her up is the act of ball-less cowards.

What you did will only tarnish you hero's image. Use your brain next time, or at least go borrow some before you attend any other functions of your hero's.


Next time when you go shopping

In times of escalating prices of things due to the global hike in fuel prices, it is very important that we are very careful with how we spend our money especially on shopping excursions. Spending over our limits is really not very advisable especially when many people are relying on credit cards to sign for stuffs.

So, I decided to include here a list of ways to cut down on your spending especially when you go shopping. Hopefully, it helps!

  1. Check the house before going shopping – as in check all your consumables, toiletries and groceries and take note of what you already have. No point buying more stuffs that you have plenty of stock of.

  2. Prepare a detailed shopping list – this is a must so that you will know beforehand what you plan to purchase instead of going to the shopping complex / hypermarket / grocery store and blindly selecting things that you may or may not need.

  3. Practice some will-power – yes, you must stick to your shopping list at all cost. Avoid grabbing a pack of junk food on a whim or other equally unimportant things that you do not need. It may only cost $2 per packet but if each time you go grocery shopping, you take a packet or two, it could amount to $20 to $30! And you can use that money for other essentials.

  4. Leave your credit card at home – it is really best to pay by cash and to ensure you have a 'strong willpower' just bring enough to pay for the groceries you intend to buy, perhaps with about $10 or $20 extra for emergencies.

  5. Practice comparison shopping – yes, do you homework before you blindly head to a grocery store to buy a whole load of stuff which could have been 20% cheaper at another store.

  6. Go shopping only once a week – it is best to keep a list of what you need and go buy it all at once at the end of the week so that you don't have to make numerous trips to the supermarket. This way, you save time, petrol and definitely save yourself from any temptations to splurge!

Since we have to be really careful with our spending, we have been practising this way of shopping for awhile and it really do help. It has saved me hundreds on credit card bills and definitely saved me a lot from spending money on things I don't need.

Try it and enjoy the savings. I will include tips on how to reduce your credit card debts (or to avoid it) soon.

Lose weight and have great hair for better sex appeal!

People say beauty is skin deep and I absolutely agree but even so, every normal person wants to appear attractive and importantly, with a healthy glow.

A lot of people have weight issues and fighting this weighty problem could be a real challenge sometimes especially when it is difficult to find time for proper exercise and it also takes a lot of will power to stick to nutritious food with all sorts of unhealthy temptations out there.

I have always maintained that the best way to lose weight is by exercise and eating balanced, healthy meals instead of stringent fad diets. Exercise is also good for optimum health. However, for some people, it is not enough. They may exercise and control their food intake as much as they want and still, the needle on the weighing machine won't budge. So, in cases like this, especially for those who are on the obese side and their weight are posing a health hazard to them, then taking some slimming pills to aid in weight loss do help.

You don’t have to lose your hair over this (and if you are really losing hair, there’s always Propecia) whole weighty issue at all.

But if you want to lose weight because you think it affects your sex appeal. Well, you are wrong. It is all about confidence and the way you carry yourself. Charisma is more than looks and weight or even a full head of hair. It is about you and how you carry yourself.

So, go out there with your head held high and maybe, you might strike a pot of gold. With your new found health and confidence, heck, you won’t even need Cialis.