Sue or no sue, just repair the field

Much has been said about the failed Kings of Tennis event in Esplanade so isn't it time that they just move on and repair the blardy field already?

So, the committee has called for the council to sue the organiser. Whatever. It is obvious the organiser has upped and left. Meanwhile the Esplanade field still has a slab of tar and who-knows-what in the centre. Worse still, around the ugly tar, the grass are destroyed due to the construction works for the stupid hyped-up failed tennis event.

I say the council can sue whoever it wants but it is really time to just repair the field so that others could have a chance using it. Just don't make it such a big issue and leave the field as it is. This tiny patch of greenery is the only one around that area so they should really take good care of it.

A note to the local council:

I remember how the Esplanade field was given a nice makeover costing hundreds of thousands a mere few years ago and many activities were not allowed to be held on the field so as not to destroy it. So, why the heck did you allow the kings of tennis organiser to rent the field knowing full well that they will build a tennis court and ruin most of the field?
The worst part is you are not even getting a cent out of this whole debacle. Now, why don't you just stop dragging your feet and repair the field already?

Finally, to all involved:

Just get over it already. So, the event failed. No point pointing fingers now. Damage has been done. You can sue Ms Celebrity Former Beauty Queen till kingdom come and still the field will remain damaged if you don't do something about it.

Let's just dig out the tar and restore the field, okay?

Oh, and yes, please, don't just let any tom, dick or Arianna into the field to destroy it again.


A smoke-free Penang with non-smoking areas?

When I read that some researcher has this hope of turning the whole state into a non-smoking zone, I thought that guy must have been high on something.

I mean, err, hello? How idealistic can you be? Sure, it is a fine enough dream but I can say it's just gonna be a dream. That's all. Just think la. Even something so simple as putting on your seat belts in the backseat most Malaysians can't seem to do and he thinks they can adhere to non-smoking rules?


I've seen lawyers smoking INSIDE the courtroom (during adjournment) even with the No-Smoking sign clearly stuck on the wall.

I've seen doctors smoking INSIDE enclosed, air-conditioned places despite there being small children around.

I've seen politicians puffing just outside the state legislative building and then throwing the cigarette butts on the ground.

And here, we are talking about the general population? Heck, you think the Ah Beng who have no qualms spitting on the road could even be bothered with the idea of non-smoking areas? Don't even get me started on those who'd simply lit up anywhere they like and then throwing their cigarette butts everywhere.

So, having a smoke-free Penang may have been a great idea but without strict enforcement (which we ALL know we DON'T have), it will remain an idealistic dream.