Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung backs up the police over BMC incident

What has this country come to that it is perfectly justified for the riot squad personnel to take the law into their own hands and beat up a person just because they think the person could have tried to run down one (or a few) of them?

Malaysiakini reported on the incident, complete with pictures, but it seems our Deputy Home Minister prefer not to believe the pictures and even said (excerpt from Malaysiakini):

"I can also say that Malaysiakini's report is incorrect. Don't just hear one side of the story. We have to hear the other side to know exactly what actually happened on May 27," he exclaimed.
So, is he saying that it is justified for the personnel to beat someone up even if the person did try to run them down? So, it is justified for a group of riot squad personnel armed with batons to drag ONE man out of his vehicle and then set upon him till he was bleeding from multiple injuries? Since when does police/ authority brutality become a justified action?

Even if the man did try to run one of the personnel down, couldn't they just arrest him and the passengers without resorting to any violence? Can you just explain that Mr Chor Chee Heung? According to Malaysiakini, he seemed think that whatever happened is due to the 'confusion' at the time:
"I believe in the confusion, many accusations have been made against the police and thugs. After that, residents were told to lodge police reports," he said.
Luckily the riot squad personnel were not armed with guns. God knows what would have happened if they were. Probably more people would be lying dead just because ' they thought that they are trying to run them down'. You can read the full article at Malaysiakini here.

Seems like people who demonstrate peacefully in peace walks could be arrested and charged with illegal assembly or sedition, people who blog the truth can be arrested and charged with sedition and people (on the 'right' side) can just openly beat up other people without any actions being taken against them.

What has this country become?


If nothing to do, you can go gawk at Japanese dolls

I have always had this thing for porcelain dolls...especially the part where it could come alive and start terrorising people ala Chucky style...Damn cool, huh?

Okay, okay, my morbid sense for horror aside, there's this free Japanese doll exhibition at the Sun Gallery at Sun-Yat Sen Centre in Macalister Road. No, no, not the 'live' Japanese doll but the porcelain kind that you can see but can't touch.

For more info on this exhibition, here is the news about it taken from our community rag, The Star. By the way, the exhibition is only until May 31 so hurry if you really need to gawk at Japanese dolls in antique kimonos.

A JAPANESE doll maker is giving porcelain dolls an important role to play.

She is turning them into ambassadors of Japanese culture.

Doll maker and antique kimono collector Hiroko Hirano, 60, has been making the ‘ultimate’ porce-lain dolls and dressing them in priceless kimonos that are almost a century old, and more.

Impressive: Hirano holding a porcelain doll dressed in a kimono.

Breathing new life to the antique pieces, she modifies the kimonos and converts them into doll kimonos.

Commonly used for aesthetic purposes, the dolls dressed in kimonos will dazzle admirers with their beauty and more importantly, restore the people’s interest in Japanese culture and kimonos.

“Antique kimonos were very finely-made. In olden days, kimonos were widely worn so there were many skilled kimono makers in Japan. They have since passed on and such fine kimonos are very hard to come by now.

Hiroko with some more of her dressed up dolls.

“I have been collecting these kimonos for 20 years. They are priceless and I feel it would be a shame to just keep them in storage just because they have some holes and faded colours.

“Even in Japan, not many are interested in the kimono anymore. So I want more people to have the chance to admire the beauty of such rare pieces,” said Hirano, adding that her kimono teacher had discouraged her from taking the ‘treasures’ out of Japan.

Kimonos, she explained, were more than traditional costumes as they also represented the spirit of Japanese women.

Another doll, which was dressed up in a miniature antique kimono.

“We call it Yamato-nadeshiko, which refers to the ideal Japanese woman who is gentle on the outside but strong spirited inside,” she said in an interview at her Jalan Thomas home.

Hirano began doll making from a young age as a hobby but as she became more skilled over the years after taking lessons from professional doll makers and doll artists in Australia, United States and Japan, she was inspired to teach others the wonderful art.

She started teaching doll making in Japan last year.

She has been living in Penang for about 10 months and believing that all good things must be shared, she wants to teach doll making here too.

“I started with clay but it was not so interesting so I moved on to porcelain doll making in 1991 and my interest grew.

“I thought only professionals or specialists could make such dolls. I was surprised that I could also learn the art. Now I want to teach others,” she said.

Those who are curious to learn more about her Hiroko Dolls and antique kimonos, can visit her first solo exhibition in Malaysia at the Sun Gallery at Sun Yat-Sen Centre, Jalan Macalister, Penang, from May 17 to 31.

She will be putting up about 40 porcelain dolls clad from top to bottom in antique kimonos and dolls dressed in Western-style clothing made from old kimono fabrics.

Accessories for the dolls like ‘geta’ (Japanese clogs), ‘kinchaku’ (Japanese handbags to go with summer kimonos or yukata) and ‘hagoita’ (wooden bats for traditional bats) will also be on display.

The exhibition will open from 10.30am to 6pm. Admission is free.

Is Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon running scared?

Our Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been calling for our former chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon to go meet him to talk.

He had tried to make appointment. No response.

He had tried open invitations through the press. No response.

He continued in almost a pleading tone (but not begging) through the media again. Still no response.

So, finally the media got hold of Koh Tsu Koon and make him give an answer to all those invitations.

His response, according to Malaysiakini (you can read the full article here):

Former chief minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon is in ‘no hurry' to meet his successor Lim Guan Eng to discuss any administrative matters pertaining to the previous state administration.

Wah, do I sense some sour grapes here or what? Lim Guan Eng has been openly inviting him over to talk and discuss administration matters and he is in no hurry to talk?

Then some more have the cheek to say that he 'does not want to interfere with the current state's administration' and that he will let 'the current government do what it deemed fit first'.

Woi, you think Guan Eng wants to ask your advise kah? Please. You honestly flatter yourself too much. It is obvious that Guan Eng wants explanations from you and NOT to ask you how to run the state government. From the look of things, Guan Eng knows perfectly well how to run the state government without 'your interference'. Ceh, so berlagak.

It is obvious that Koh Tsu Koon screwed up somehow when he was Chief Minister and Guan Eng was being so gracious about it all by politely inviting his predecessor over to explain it behind closed doors.

So, Guan Eng has responded to that and said, according to Malaysiakini (the full article here),:

Lim said it would be unfair of the state government to reveal the previous administration’s wrongdoings without hearing Koh’s side of the story.

“However, if he refuses to meet me, I would say he is running away from his responsibility and attempting to cover up,” said Lim.

I guess Guan Eng just about sums it all up. Koh Tsu Koon is running scared. Being the coward that he is, he is probably in hiding somewhere. From what I heard, he is also not answering phone calls from strange numbers.

Talk about paranoia.

I wondered how we, Penangites, managed to allow this lily-livered coward to helm the state for so blardy long? 18 years to be exact.

Luckily we woke up from this long bad nightmare and chose another path.

I am not saying the current administration by the DAP-PKR alliance is going to be perfect and smooth-sailing. They are newbies after all and teething problems are inevitable. They have yet to prove themselves and I do hope, they won't go down the arrogant, corruptive and destructive path of their predecessors once the realisation that they are in power now sets in.


Should Kit Siang change his blog post?

If you've been following the news, I am sure you will find that suddenly there is so much interest in bloggers and blogs that the police have a cyber crime unit just to check on blogs and websites to make sure they do not contain so-called seditious statements.

Even in parliament, MP Lim Kit Siang was warned and told to 'correct' his blog post on Kiandee which you can read in his blog. According to Malaysiakini:

Dewan Rakyat speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia has warned Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timor) to correct remarks in his blog which lambasted deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee for rejecting his motion on Sabah illegal immigrants.

Should Lim fail to do so, he could be liable to disciplinary action similar to that instituted in the past against fellow DAP parliamentarians Karpal Singh (Bukit Gelugor) and Fong Po Kuan (Batu Gajah).

Pandikar also told Lim to make corrections to his press statement on the issue, which was similar to his blog posting.

So now it seems that stating your own opinions in your own personal blogs about the arseholes (you know who I am talking about here) could be construed as seditious or 'baseless organisations'.

Even now, the MCMC are 'investigating 22 websites and blogs' for airing false, pornographic and baseless allegations. According to Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum they will use the Sedition Act and Penal code in the investigations.

I say enough is enough already.

You lose the two third majority, so deal with it! What is with all this sudden interest to arrest bloggers and punish wakil rakyat bloggers for stating the obvious? Of course, through their skewed sense of right and wrong, what we see as true facts are labeled as 'baseless allegations'.

So, bloggers, you now have two choices. Blog the truth and face possible actions for writing 'baseless allegations' or lie through your teeth and present an even more skewed situation to the public.

Of course, you could always use the third and more popular choice that plagiarists often adopt. No, no, no, not copying other's blogs but use different names.

Say, instead of naming the person/ party you are blogging about, you can use monikers like Bodoh Numbskulls or Najis or Pakcik Kampung or Kerisman or Moron, etc. Unleash your creativity! Also use double meaning to the hilt.

Them morons may or may not know what you are about but heck, it makes it damn difficult for them to prove anything because you can always say that it is a piece of fiction you write for fun. Heh.

Me? I couldn't care less. I am only blogging the truth and what I think. This is my blog and I will blog whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want!

Yes, I am afraid that my big fat butt may get hauled in so I may adopt the third method once in a while if I venture into ultra-sensitive territory....

They are doing good work, so do chip in!

I have heard quite a lot about the amazing good volunteer work by the Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society, especially when the tsunami hit our shores years ago. How they personally go out to the ground and hand out aids in terms of food and cash direct to the victims.

And the wonderful thing about this is that all of the volunteers are very polite, kind and very professional in what they do. I have personally seen how they go from house to house in the tsunami aftermath in Tanjung Bungah to check on the victims, get their names and contact and then give them food on the spot. It is something I have never seen before.

So, in the recent disasters in China and Myanmar, Tzu-Chi volunteers have also moved into action and they are (reportedly) one of the only two charitable organisations allowed in to help cyclone victims in Myanmar. I am sure, over there, the volunteers also personally went down to the ground to distribute aids to the victims instead of just dumping the whole shipment of food and supplies on some local organisation or even the authorities there.

I spoke to some of the volunteers there and it seems that it is a Tzu-Chi policy for them to hand out donations in kind or in cash direct to the victims and not through any middlemen. This is to ensure that all donated items do really reach the victims.

Their first batch of volunteers to Myanmar just came back and now they are planning to go over again to provide free medical clinic to the victims there.

So, I am calling all who wish to help, to donate to Tzu-Chi in order to help the cyclone victims in Myanmar. They are also helping victims in China so, if you want to donate to the victims in China, you can too. Here are the details:

Make your cheques payable to:

Please write your particulars on reverse-side of your cheque such as: Name, I/C, Address, Tel no.,and Handphone

Please mail to:
316,Jalan Macalister,10450 Penang, Malaysia

To bank in the money:

Please write your particulars on the bank-in slip such as: Name, I/C, Address, Tel no.,and Handphone and Fax to 604-2261013

Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Account Number: 507013126489

Bank Name: Public Bank Berhad
Account Number: 3102212517

Alternatively, you can also use online banking to bank in the money to the two bank accounts.

To receive official receipts, please mail them your following information:
- Name
- IC No.
- Postal Address
- Transaction Date
- Donation Amount
- Donation Purpose :International Relief Fund

For more inquiries, please call
604-229 7021 or fax : 604-226 1013
Email: acc@tzuchi.org.my

Website: http://www.daai.com.my


The can of worms that is the PGCC controversy

From all the furore over the controversial multi billion Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project to the disclosure that it was not even approved yet to hints that it may be one of the largest land scams ever and now legal battle in Penang Turf Club because of this project.

Looks like this project is doomed to be dragged through the courts and to also receive the most negative publicity over these two months after its grand launch back in Oct last year!

The latest update on Malaysiakini on this piece of prime land over at Batu Gantong sees a suit by Penang Turf Club ordinary members Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping and Datuk Lee Choon Hoe against the club committee members "over the deal made with developer Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd to develop the controversial PGCC" (read the news here) and the committee members refuting their claims.

I daren't write much more about this whole issue less I too get dragged into the courts for contempt or whatever, so here is the news and chronology of events regarding the whole PGCC debacle from Malaysiakini:

PGCC chronology of events

PGCC imbroglio: Turf Club breaks silence, refutes allegations
May 24, 08 5:23pm

Push has finally come to shove for the Penang Turf Club (PTC) when it broke its long silence today over numerous allegations made by several ordinary members.

In a statement today, the club’s assistant general manager and secretary Leow Khin Ming said PTC has decided to refute the allegations made against them by Tan Kok Ping over the proposed relocation of the club to Batu Kawan in order to prevent confusion among club members and the public.

“The decision to relocate the club from its present site to Batu Kawan was made by the majority of club members at a duly convened extraordinary general meeting held in November 2002.

“(Kok Ping) should not attempt to impose his personal views on the majority decision of club members,” he stated.

Yesterday, Kok Ping and fellow ordinary member Lee Choon Hoe in their own capacity and on behalf of all club members sued the PTC committee members and several others over the deal made with developer Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd to develop the controversial Penang Global City Centre (PGCC).

The suit named PTC committee members Ong Eng Khuan, Robert Chan Woot Khoon, Dr Henry Ooi Kwee Lim, Oon Chong Kie, John Alexander Rodgers, Seow Chin, Tan Phaik Guan, Teh Choon Beng, Ch’ng Chin Ghee, club consultant Muhammed Rizal Abdullah, club financial controller Tan Hock Lim and club assistant general manager and secretary Leow Khin Ming as defendants.

Prior to that, Kok Ping and 12 other ordinary members of the turf club lodged a police report on May 8 alleging that the PTC committee had abused its powers in its dealings with Abad Naluri.

In both actions, Kok Ping alluded that some 580 ordinary members of the well-established horse racing club had been kept in the dark over several agreements signed between the PTC and Abad Naluri.

In 2003, PTC and Abad Naluri signed a preliminary agreement for the sale of some 260 acres of the club’s land for RM488 million in order to develop the PGCC.

Abad Naluri was expected to raise that sum and manage the financing for several years before the PGCC project starts contributing back.

From the RM488 million, RM375 million was designated to build a new racecourse in Batu Kawan in the mainland, relocating PTC’s existing racecourse on the island's prime Batu Gantong land while the remaining RM113 million would be paid to PTC in cash.

However, this agreement had allegedly lapsed and Abad has paid only RM10 million in advances to PTC so far.

Subsequently, a formal agreement was signed on May 12, 2004 which restructured several clauses in the preliminary agreement. Another supplementary agreement was inked on April 1 this year that granted Abad Naluri a renewable extension of three years in fulfilling their contractual terms.

He claims that the committee - as trustees of the club - breached its fiduciary duties and abused their power in selling the premier land without considering its members' interest.

Allegations refuted

Despite the numerous allegations made by Kok Ping, Leow specifically refuted the following:

• Kok Ping recently stated that the Batu Gantang racecourse is a well-known landmark in Penang and that it was a real shame to destroy an iconic heritage.

PTC rebutted saying Kok Ping and his friends have attempted to convince members to develop bungalow units for sale at the club’s present site and use the new profits to build a new racecourse in Batu Kawan since April 2008.

“This is contrary to his public stance that the club should be maintained as an iconic heritage,” said Leow.

• Kok Ping said that he voted against the extraordinary general meeting resolution (to relocate the club) when it was mooted in 2002.

PTC noted that there are no records in the minutes of Kok Ping having spoken against the resolutions but there were other minority members who had opposed the move.

• Liew pointed out that one of the resolutions was to pay every ordinary member RM20,000 each for hardship when the racecourse is relocated to Batu Kawan.

“Three cheques amounting to RM20,000 were sent to Kok Ping in his name and according to the club’s bank statements, these cheques were cleared,” said Leow.

• Kok Ping alleged that the PTC president and two of his staff members signed a supplementary agreement which granted a renewable extension of three years till March 2011 for Abad Naluri to complete building the new racecourse in Batu Kawan.

PTC argued that the club committee did not renew the 2004 agreement with Abad Naluri by a supplementary agreement in 2008. Instead, they “merely imposed a definite time frame for the completion of the new race course in Batu Kawan by March 2011".

“If the PGCC project cannot be carried out for any reason by Abad Naluri, then the committee and members of the club can consider any new proposal for the development of the club by open tender,” said Leow.

• Kok Ping expressed he did not have the intention of running for the PTC presidency or for a committee post.

PTC noted that in 1992, Kok Ping tried unsuccessfully to get elected to the club’s committee. Also, in 1993, he was part of the ‘vision’ team that sought election to the club’s committee but he was defeated.

Leow explained that the club did not want to engage in a media war with Kok Ping because many of his accusations are subject matter of a police report which he lodged.

He said the PTC was also advised by its lawyers to respond fully to all the inaccuracies and disinformation once the police had completed the probe.

The RM25 billion PGCC project has been plagued by controversies after it was launched by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last year.

This include the revelation that the project has not been approved by local government agencies and locals protesting against the massive development in the already-dense island state.


Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, now only you want to talk about ISA?

This goes to show what a suck-up the Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon is! (read the Malaysiakini news below…)

The DAP and PKR have been harping on abolishing the draconian ISA for years now. After all, the stupid act gives the government the absolute power to detain people without a fair trial indefinitely. It is an act against any basic human rights.

But have Gerakan ever issue any statement against it? Nope. Not a single peep.

Wah, then suddenly now, Dr Koh so supportive of the proposal to review the ISA. What the heck. Eh, you worried about Gerakan being relegated to being less than an office boy for Gerakan issit?

Of coz, we really have to give him credit. He managed to suck up to the BN leadership while at the same time act as if he really cared about the ISA detainees. This is what people call kill two birds with one stone, eh?

Pretty smart move you think?

But hor, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, the people are not stupid okay? You think we are blind and stupid and deaf issit? You think we did not notice the deafening silence on the whole ISA issue from Gerakan all these years? You think we will forget all about it the moment you suddenly decided to say that the Hindraf 5 should be released now.

Woi, you might as well start supporting the Hindraf’s cause now while you are at it. What next? When the capricious BN decided to review the NEP, you will also jump in and say ‘ Yes, we welcome the move…etc…etc..***suck up, suck up, suck up***….’

Boy am I glad you were voted out of the state government!

News from Malaysiakini:

Gerakan welcomes ISA review
May 23, 08 3:18pm
Gerakan today urged the government to set up a parliamentary select committee to look into the review of the Internal Security Act, a proposal which was mooted by the government yesterday.

Hoping that the ISA review would eventually lead to some significant changes in the colonial-era security law, Gerakan’s acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon said that the parliamentary committee can play a role in identifying the changes.

This select committee consisting of members of Parliament from both the government and opposition benches can examine in depth various aspects of the Act and achieve some common ground before tabling for open debate in Parliament,” he said in a statement today.

He added that the proposed review of ISA should make it to be in compliance with basic principles of human rights.

“There should be enough safeguard against various possible and actual infringements on basic human rights.

“The review should also provide more specific definitions and listing of offences which relate to genuine threat to national security, including terrorism,” he added.

The former Penang chief minister said that with clear criteria and enough safeguards, the ISA “will less likely be subject to abuse and the perception that it has been used for political purposes to silence dissenters”.

PM was quite receptive

Yesterday the de facto law minister Mohd Zaid Ibrahim told Parliament that the government would review the law which allows for indefinite detention without trial.

He said that the review - to be undertaken by a study involving Zaid, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail - will “enhance and update provisions” in it.

“However, as a government that is sensitive towards the public’s demand, it is open to enhancing and updating provisions under the ISA as well as other laws,” he told Parliament.

“Preventive detention is actually still needed in this country. However, there is the possibility of reviewing the Act in future,” Zaid said, without giving a timeframe of when the review will take place.

Responding today, Koh said that Gerakan was one of several parties which have been calling for review or even repeal of the ISA since the 80s.

He also revealed that he has been pursuing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi since April on the need for ISA review.

“The prime minister was quite receptive,” he said.

Release all ISA detainees

Koh also pointed to another parliamentary select committee which was formed in the 80s to look into changes to be made to the Dangerous Drugs Act which also provided preventive detention without trial, just like the ISA.

He said that committee, of which he was a member, was able to come up with some specific provisions to provide for safeguard and the bill was passed in Parliament.

“That committee which comprised opposition members such as Lee Lam Thye was given a very good insight into the various aspects relating to drug trafficking and preventive detention, including difficulties with respect to evidences and witnesses,” he said.

Koh also revealed that in January and February, and again in early April and May this year, he had appealed to Abdullah for the review and release of existing ISA detainees on health, humanitarian and other valid grounds, including the Hindraf 5.

Last week, the Federal Court refused to release five ethnic Indian activists - dubbed the Hindraf 5 - who were fighting for their freedom after being detained under the Act.

The five, including a newly sworn-in state lawmaker, were detained in December after enraging the government a month earlier by mounting a mass rally alleging discrimination against minority ethnic Indians.


That's right, blame the white blouse for social ills and sex crimes

While you are at it, why not blame little children for daring to play in playgrounds as they are inviting perverted pedophiles to kidnap them by blatantly displaying themselves in such a public place.

Also, blame the women for even daring to step out of their homes as it could be construed as they are ‘inviting’ attention to themselves by blatantly displaying themselves in public places.

Don’t forget to blame all the clothes manufacturers for their audacity in producing clothes of any colour except for black such as yellow, blue, red, pink, purple, green or any other shades lighter than black could be construed as sexy.

While we are on a roll here, might as well reintroduce the chastity belt and impose laws to lock up all women and girls behind windowless rooms so that they do not tempt any men just by being there.

Finally, blame God for creating women in the first place to tempt men to commit evils of all kinds.


The root of social ills and sex crimes is more than just a white blouse. It is more than pirated porno materials available everywhere. It is more than the so-called negative western culture presented through the television, internet, etc.

Does this uptight, ignorant Munirah Bahari of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia even know what nonsense she is spouting before opening her mouth?

Other bloggers, Lilian and PabloPabla, have already pointed out her foolishness and blatant ignorance.

I however wish to point out that she is but an example of many others in the society who tend to blame everyone and everything from clothing to the victims EXCEPT for the perpetrators and lack of education when it comes to sex crimes.

So, the rapist / pervert / sexual predator were not pinpointed for their sick aversions but the victims were pinpointed for their dressing and their looks.

No rape / sex crime victim ever ‘asked for it’ no matter how she looked like or dressed like. Do you think Nurin asked for it? Do you think the countless young children who were sexually abused and raped asked for it?

In rape cases, it is often about control and not about sex. Even in sexual abuse cases, it is often about control and less about sex. How could raping an eight year old be about sex when the poor child hardly have any breasts? Rape was also one of the main actions in times of war, again, it is about power and control. Not about sex.

It is sad indeed that despite efforts by womens’ organisations like Women’s Centre for Change to change the mindset of the people to think about educating the people to respect women to reduce sexual crime rates, there are still those in society who preferred to blame it all on the victims than on the lack of education to prevent the perps from doing this.

It is also the same for social ills. Education and religious teachings play an important part to curb these. It is not about clothing or lack thereof. If adults, parents and teachers alike, do not play their roles to teach the young and lead by example, what could a simple white blouse do?

If I remember correctly, the Sisters (nuns) in the convent school I went to were dressed in white habits too. I hardly think those are sexy in any way!

On another note, I wore white blouses throughout my schooling days. So did my classmates and schoolmates. Amazingly, none of us were raped or sexually assaulted because of our ’sexy’ attire.

Shucks, if we knew white blouses are sexy, we would not have bothered going to all that trouble smuggling our own clothes in our school bags to change into so that we could go lepak-ing after school in ‘cool’ attire!

Shiissshhhh…how come no one ever told us this all those years ago? Ceh, the guys then must have been blind while the guys now must probably have x-ray vision which can only be thwarted by black or darker coloured clothing.


Karpal Gets a Death Threat

It looks like Karpal's worries will see no end.

What with all that fuss over his alleged seditious remark that the Sultan of Perak did not have any say in the decision made by the state government, now, he gets a death threat for uttering that remark.

It was not enough that he gets 20 police reports lodged against him for that remark, it was also not enough that other DAP members seemed to have 'abandoned' him by not saying anything in support of him and now some idiot has decided to send him a live bullet with a death threat.

According to Malaysiakini:

The live bullet was accompanied with a note warning him against speaking out on the controversial issues of Malay rights and the constitutional powers of the sultans.

“Kalau tak berhenti, peluru ini akan melekat pada kepala dahi kau!” (If you don’t stop, this bullet will be lodged in your forehead).

Here is an image of the death threat taken from Malaysiakini:

You can read the whole article about the death threat in Malaysiakini here. I seriously do not understand all this fuss over Karpal's remark which is simply:

“Sultan Azlan Shah did not have any say, as the Ruler of Perak, in the decision made by the state government and, by law, the palace cannot order the state government to reinstate Jamry.”

Heck, even Lilian aka 5xmom had pointed out in her blog post: Warkah untuk PM - Pak Lah pun sama dengan Karpal saja that Pak Lah had said about the same thing. But why is it okay for Pak Lah to say it but not okay for Karpal to say it?

Pak Lah had said (in March):

The appointment of anyone but Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as Terengganu Mentri Besar is unconstitutional, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“Most of the state assemblymen support Datuk Seri Idris. This fact remains unchanged. They are in agreement,” he told reporters after attending the 10th Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix yesterday.

“Therefore, appointing anyone else is not right constitutionally,” he said.

Abdullah was commenting on the Mentri Besar saga in which Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said received his letter of appointment as the new Mentri Besar from Regency Advisory Council (MPPR) chief Tengku Sri Panglima Raja Tengku Baderulzaman at a closed-door ceremony at Istana Tetamu in Kuala Terengganu at 8.20am yesterday.

It all boils down to the double standards practiced by all the Bumbling Numbskulls who are in charge of the federal government now where it is right for one leader to say it is unconstitutional for the royalty to decide on a political appointment while it is wrong for another to say that the royalty cannot order the state government around.

Isn't it all the same except in said in different words?

Sigh...what a bumbing mess those idiots are.

Don't eat at the fake Chang Kee Restaurant in Nibong Tebal

If you have heard of the famous Teochew food especially crab porridge by Cheang Kee Restaurant in Nibong Tebal, make sure you do not go to the wrong one!

We went there recently and had a rude shock when we realised the real Cheang Kee Restaurant had moved to another location while another owner has taken over its old shoplot.

We did not even bother to take pictures of the place (the old shoplot where Cheang Kee used to be) after eating the very first dish, boiled baby octopus. I did not even want to bother with taking pictures of the food either. I do not want to waste camera battery and memory on this lousy restaurant.

The new restaurant, Law Chang Kee Restoran, was a far cry from the old Cheang Kee Restaurant. We ordered boiled baby octopus, butter prawns, fried fish, crab porridge, siau pai chye (green veg) and mantis prawn fried with dried chili.

The baby octopus, even though a simple dish which required literally little cooking skills to prepare as it is just boiled and served with chili sauce, were overcooked and stringy.

The butter prawns were oily, soggy and tasteless. They put some soya sauce over it to give it some taste which makes it worse.

Crab porridge- they obviously had it in with the crab because they smashed it to smithereens so we had to spend a whole hour picking out tiny, minute pieces of crab shell from the porridge. Oh, and the porridge was bland. Bleagghhh.

The green veg - nothing remarkable. I could have cooked better one at home.

Mantis prawn fried with dried chili - extremely soggy and too much of ketchup. It tasted like they fried the mantis prawn and pour in a whole bottle of ketchup and then add the dried chili for decoration. Ugghh.

Fried fish - well, again nothing remarkable. It is just the normal fried fish you can find at any economy rice stall.

Rating: 2/10

Now, if I had not eaten the real Cheang Kee Restaurant’s food, the rating for this faker restaurant would have been a tad higher, perhaps 4/ 10 but it definitely would not have me going back there ever again.

Price: $$$ (for that kind of food!!!)

Luckily, we found the real Cheang Kee Restaurant which had moved to a more prominent location right on the main road just after the toll plaza and with ample parking space too! After the toll plaza, turn left at the traffic lights and go straight. It is on your left at the first traffic light. You won’t be able to miss it since it is a corner lot with a huger signboard.

Here’s the new address for the famous Cheang Kee Restaurant (which I would have rated 8/10):

Restoran N.T.Cheang Kee

No. 60 & 62, Jalan Besar, Air Lintas, Taman Merbah, 14300 Nibong Tebal

Tel: 04-5943728

So, remember. The Restoran Law Chang Kee has lousy food so go only at your own risk! I will do a review of the Restoran N.T.Cheang Kee when we go there next and with loads of pictures too.


If you don't want people to read the report then don't sell it AT ALL!

First they said the report by the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the V.K. Lingam video clip will be made public. This means, anyone could read it right?


The moment some press made it public, they go and lodge police reports against the press.

That Ahmad Shabery Cheek some more have the cheek to say that this is not aimed at curbing press freedom and claimed that it was some sort of a 'leak'. Uh-huh. Yeah, definitely, there has been some sort of leak.

His brains are leaking from his head.

Just to think, a bare few weeks ago, this is the minister who went around talking about press freedom..ptui! What a load of hogwash and rubbish. Next time you want to lie, don't do it when you are going to be caught bare-faced and all.

I mean, do you even know the meaning of press freedom ah Mr Information Minister? Or do you need to get informed on the full meaning first?

It does not mean lodging police reports against the media to investigate the media under OSA for publishing a report that was to be made public anyway.

And then giving some stupid excuses that there might be some other 'leaks' on national secrets. Ooohhhh....why not bring in ISA while you are at it and say that by publishing the report, the media are now a threat to national security?

And this stupid statement:

“The Government has the right to protect certain classified information before making a public disclosure,” he (Ahmad Shabery Cheek) said.

It seems to me that you are contradicting yourself. First it is classified information and then making a public disclosure. Err, how can it be public disclosure if it is classified information? It is either classified information or information meant for public disclosure. Did your mother drop you on your head or something when you were a baby?

Or does it mean the government has no intention to make the FULL report public at all and only wished to expose some parts of it while others are 'classified information'? Heck, so this means, the blardy government has no intention to publicly disclose the whole sordid details of this judicial crap for all to see. Except that the media beat them to it and decided to make public details of it first before they could cover up the bits and pieces they want to cover.

Isn't that just typical of the Bumbling Numbskulls? Pretend to be all transparent and clean but then go behind the people's back to cover up all their dirty deeds.

For once, I am glad for the MSM. Biased they may be but at least once in a blue moon, they do present news that are sort-of unfiltered.

Although, of course, this so-called leak may just be a sanctioned one to get rid of the respect for Tun Dr M once and for all. And to put themselves as the innocent party, of course, they make full use of the bumbling idiots in the police force who'd bend over backwards for the Bumbling Numbskulls.

By the way, they are selling the report for over RM500++!!

Hmmm...perhaps they wanted to earn some fast bucks for it and were damn paik chek (frustrated) when the MSM published some of the details, rendering the full report quite valueless as when it was an 'exclusively available only at...' product.

You can read about the cheek of the mis-information minister in his opinion about the police report here.


The BN government is a cowardly big bully to resort to this!

They had no other way to arrest Waythamoorthy (head of Hindraf) and now they have resorted to the dirty trick of canceling his passport in hopes that he would be sent back here by the British.

What a bunch of cowardly idiots.

According to Malaysiakini,

The activist (Waythamoorthy) had planned to visit Washington for talks with leaders of the US Congress and Amnesty and other rights groups, "but it has been put off because of his passport's cancelation"

He was going to talk about the discriminatory policies of this government there but looks like the cowards here decided to stop him by canceling his passport.

However, if the BN government thinks this is going to stop him and get the British to deport him back here so that he could join the Hindraf 5 in Kamunting, they will be sorely disappointed!

The British is set to hear his asylum application and Waythamoorthy is far from deterred but even more determined to fight on for Hindraf's cause and freedom! I say way to go Waythamoorthy and yes, Makkal Sakthi! I find his courage refreshing in the face of all this hurdles, just read his statement.

Here is Waythamoorthy's full statement taken from Malaysiakini:

I was travelling back to London from Geneva after the Hindraf briefing with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights on April 21, 2008 and was totally shocked to be informed by the UK immigration officer at Gatwick Airport that the Malaysian government had revoked my passport thus making me de facto stateless.

I see only one purpose. The Malaysian government had intended that I be deported back to Malaysia by the British authorities so that I too could be arrested under the draconian Internal Security Act and be detained for unspecified period of time without trial and be subject to torture and inhumane treatment for my political beliefs.

I have not committed any offence or crime other than to champion the cause of the systematically marginalised, discriminated and alienated ethnic Indian community in Malaysia who remained a permanently colonised community despite achieving independence 51 years ago.

It is most distressing to learn that, the land that my forefathers toiled as indentured labourers and one that I had been made citizen by the will of the unavoidable circumstances has decided to banish and exile me for speaking and advocating the truth that was never spoken off before.

The government has once again acted according to its whims and fancy without a second thought of the public or for the good of the public.

The Malaysian government repetitively had oppressed, suppressed and persecuted all causes of Hindraf by their act of totalitarianism from the very beginning but nevertheless the will and spirit of the Hindraf supporters have been the beacon of hope for the new strength founded upon our new found ‘Makkal Sakthi’ (people’s power).

The callous and cowardly acts of the government against me not only undermine their credibility domestically but also internationally. The government needs to realise that the Malaysian public can no longer be cowed as the public are no longer the sheep that begets the government wolves.

The government may use its best weapon in attempting to stall and break me but they fail to realise that I derive my strength from my ‘Makkal Sakthi’, and that is all that I need to carry on the torch and fight for the unjust cause of the ethnic Indians in Malaysia even if it means championing my cause from exile.

As much as I have been coerced, castigated by the Malaysian government, so have the Hindraf supporters. Hindraf supporters have shown unprecedented courage and character for the truth. It only motivates me further to pursue our goals.

They will never break my spirit

The revocation of my passport is probably the last ditch desperate effort by the Malaysian government in crippling my international lobby for the cause of the Indian Malaysians.

This unwarranted act has given me a greater "inner" strength to continue to fight for the struggle of Indian Malaysians and for the unconditional release of my fellow brothers held unjustly in Kamunting.

The government can unleash all the man made mechanism to stifle and silence me, but I have the backing of ‘Makkal Sakthi’ and that alone is sufficient for me to continue my fight for the people.

In ‘Makkal Sakthi’, I have found the truthness of my cause for the people. In today's world, utterance of truth is seen as a revolutionary action, and my quest for the truth is considered as a hindrance for the government. My judge is the people not the government.

I will continue this struggle until my last breath. They may break me but they will never be able to break my will and spirit that is derived from the people for the truth is in it.

I shall continue the struggle for the "freedom" of the ethnic Indian Malaysians from London and urge all Hindraf supporters to remain calm as they have always been. I shall forever remain a loyal Malaysian and will return to Malaysia soon to continue and accomplish what I had started.

Fly to Perth cheap!

So the airfare war between AirAsia and MAS continues which greatly benefits us, the consumers. Looks like AirAsia, the no-frills, low cost carrier, is flying to Perth! Read on about it at Malaysiakini. I have also place the excerpt here:

AirAsiaX to fly to Perth amid fare wars
May 15, 08 4:19pm

Malaysia's long-haul budget carrier AirAsiaX today announced an expansion of its Australian operations amid fears that a fare battle with the national carrier could lead to its demise.

The launch comes as national carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced that it would give-away airfares to 20 regional destinations a week after AirAsia airline similar offers for domestic flights.

AirAsia's group chief executive Tony Fernandes criticised MAS for copying the budget carrier's everyday low fares policy saying it was unclear how badly AirAsia would be hit by it, the New Straits Times reported.

"The government will never allow MAS to fail but a private company? Who is going to save us," Fernandes told the daily.

"I'm not against competition but it has to be a level-playing field. You can't send me into a boxing match with one hand tied behind my back," he said referring to a subsidy the government provides only to MAS for some of its international flights.

Six flights a week to Perth

AirAsia also wants to be given equal rights to fly the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur air route, one of the region's most lucrative routes.

At present, MAS has 69 flights per week between the two neighbours while AirAsia is only allowed to mount 14 weekly flights.

AirAsiaX, a sister company of budget-carrier AirAsia, will offer six return flights per week between Perth and Kuala Lumpur starting Nov 2, the airline said in a statement.

Perth will be the airline's second destination in Australia after its four-weekly return flight to the Gold Coast which began in November last year.

"Looking at what we've done with these two routes, we are confident of creating a bigger market in Western Australia," Fernandes said.

According to The Star, AirAsiaX will offer 5,000 free seats for the travel period between Nov 2 to April 30 starting midnight today.

The airline said it plans to launch flights to Britain in the fourth quarter of 2008, with London and Manchester being considered. It is also eyeing more destinations in China as it expands its network.
Wow, with AirAsia, it is true that now, anyone can fly!


Koay Teow Th'ng

When people talk about Penang hawker food, they often refer to the ones on the island while many really good food places on the mainland part of the state were forgotten or given a miss. So, I am introducing another great place for a local, common hawker fare, Koay Teow Th'ng at the mainland.

Restoran Lin is infamous for its wonderfully tasty Koay Teow Th'ng. So much so that the old-style coffee shop it is based at is now renovated into an air-conditioned, modern restaurant setting! Previously, it was more of a Koay Teow Th'ng stall but now it is a brand-new concept type restaurant.

People in Butterworth often talk about this place when it comes to Koay Teow Th'ng.

So, what is so good about the Koay Teow Th'ng here?

Koay Teow Th\'ng

For one thing, the soup is really tasty and not so oily like most Koay Teow Th'ng usually are.

The flat rice noodles or koay teow used are smooth, soft and almost silky that it deliciously slides down your throat.

The fish balls are juicy, springy at the right consistency and does not taste like stale fish.

For someone who is not into soup-based food, I really do like the Koay Teow Th'ng here. Just so you know, I don't eat or order Koay Teow Th'ng much unless it is really, really good and fits my taste. In my experience, most Koay Teow Th'ng I tasted were either too bland or too oily. The one sold at this restaurant may not be a perfect 10 but it is good enough to warrant my nod of approval.

This restaurant also offers a variety of side dishes like steamed chicken (pak cham kai / pek cham kay), fishball soup, blanched vegetables (yau choi) and other types of noodles in place of the Koay Teow.

Prices are from RM2.50 each bowl/ RM5 per plate, they have a complete menu listing out the items they offer and the prices unlike most hawker stall-based coffee shops where you have to guess at the prices.

Rating: 7 /10

The venue:

Restoran Lin

8 & 10, Lorong Ceri 6,

Taman Aman Jaya

12300 Raja Uda

Tel: 04-3330216

Operating hours: Open daily - 7.30am - 5pm & 7.30pm - 1am.

Cook your own Koay Teow Th'ng

If you do not like to eat out, you can also make your own Koay Teow Th'ng as it isn't all that difficult.

Here is a simple Koay Teow Th'ng recipe:


1 whole chicken

500g pork ribs (optional)

salt to taste

packaged koay teow (flat noodles) which can be bought from supermarkets

garlic oil

fish balls

fish cake

spring onion, chopped

chili padi

chicken gizzards (optional)


1. Boil water in a stock pot and place the chicken and the pork ribs in. Let it simmer over low fire for about 40 minutes or so.

2. Take out the chicken and pork ribs. Remove the meat from the bones and set aside. Place the bones back into the pot and let it simmer for another 30 minutes or so.

3. Dish out the bones and discard. Put in the gizzards, fishballs and fishcake. Remove it when cooked and set aside.

4. Remove pot from heat and sieve the soup with a muslin cloth (or cheese cloth) if you want a clear soup.

5. Rinse the pot and pour the soup back into it. Add salt according to taste (usually 1 tsp is good enough) and you can also add a dash of pepper and 1 tsp fish sauce. Keep it hot over low fire.

6. Shred the chicken meat and pork you had removed earlier. Slice the fish cake and chicken gizzards too.

7. Scald the flat noodles in a boiling pan of hot water and place it in a bowl. Add the meat, fish cake, fish balls and gizzards. Pour in the soup.

8. Garnish with spring onions, cut chili padi and add some of the garlic oil.

So there you are, your very own home cooked Koay Teow Th'ng. Alternatively, instead of pork ribs, you could use duck. Enjoy!


Dr Teng Hock Nan starts pointing fingers instead of giving answers

So, one of the Chief Ministership hopefuls from Gerakan Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan has broken this deafening silence to answer allegations thrown by current Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

But, instead of giving legit answers and explanations, he went on a diatribe of mud-slinging and calling Lim Guan Eng names from naive to ignorant to playing politics. Do I sense some sour grapes because someone is sitting in the very post he was coveting during the general election?

It has been obvious that the physician-turned-politician Dr Teng Hock Nan has this burning desire to take over from Koh Tsu Koon the very moment KTK announced that he will no longer contest for a state seat. I even heard how his missus was all excited over it, went all out to equip her wardrobe with more official clothing and even took up etiquette classes to be sure that she knows how to act like a CM's wife...too bad, it all went down the drain la, because she, just like the arrogant Dr Teng and other BN fellars, had simply assumed it is a sure win for BN in the general election.

But I digress.

Let's get back to the name-calling. It all started when Dr Teng opened his big mouth to give some stupid explanation about the PGCC project. He had claimed that the formulation of the structure plan was according to procedure and that the council had not approved the planning permission for PGCC.

Guan Eng had talked about the controversial PGCC project quite a few times prior to this. So in response to Dr Teng, Guan Eng had questioned the previous government (on Sunday) on how 104ha of prime land was converted from open ground and recreation to new development under the Penang island structural plan which was gazetted in June 2007. The land, where the Penang Turf club is now, was earmarked for PGCC's mammoth project.

These are valid questions. He just want some answers. After all, this could be one of the biggest land impropriety in Penang.

So, what was the response?

A deafening silence for a day or two. Then on Wednesday (which means today's papers) Dr Teng comes out fully double-barreled armed. Not to explain his innocence (HAH!), not to explain how it could have happened (double HAH!! If he had not bothered to explain to the people on other issues when he was in the state government, fat chance he will start doing it now!) and certainly not to prove that there was no such impropriety.

Instead, he had called Guan Eng naive, ignorant and accused him of playing politics. His words (according to The Star online anyway):

“I am saying he is naive because all the questions he has been asking can be easily obtained because he has access to all the information,

“I do not know whether to call him Chief Minister or just Lim Guan Eng,”

Err, Dr Teng ah. Are you sure the so-called information still there ah? Sure, there are documentation to show that the land had been converted but Guan Eng's question was HOW THE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT CONVERT A PUBLIC SPACE AND RECREATION LAND TO NEW DEVELOPMENT???

Let me put it in layman's term for you since you obviously do not understand. The Chief Minister wants to know why a public space and recreation land could be converted to new development. Meaning, the land is meant for recreation and public space. Recreation and public space usually means a park or a place for the people to relax. A land marked for this usually means no big huge blocks of residential condos are allowed to be built on it. A land marked for this means it is suppose to stay a recreational place for the public.

So, to convert this huge piece of land (and the last few of such large spaces earmarked for recreation and public spaces) to turn it into 'new development' is akin to tearing down the only children's playground in a large housing estate so that you could build luxurious bungalows for the filthy rich.

By converting this land, it means the previous government is saying out loud and clear 'To hell with sustainable development and to hell with recreation. To hell with the people's needs. All we want is to help Umno cronies to become richer and if it means chopping down all the trees on the island to make way for luxurious condos for the rich, so be it'

Now, do you understand Dr Teng?

So, back at you. Don't be naive, don't be ignorant and don't blardy play politics!

By the way, I think Guan Eng has been a real gentleman about this coz when asked to response to the name-calling he had said he regretted that Dr Teng has to resort to personal attacks. There was no attack in response. Apparently, Guan Eng will give his lengthy reply to Dr Teng today. So, keep your eyes peeled for it.


CM Lim Guan Eng talks about more issues

Looks like Malaysiakini has done a three part series interview with Lim Guan Eng about Penang, about DAP, about Pakatan Rakyat, about Umno and the NEP.

I have been hearing talks about how Guan Eng has been skirting the Pakatan Rakyat tag on the Penang state government for awhile. While many people has started calling Penang the Pakatan Rakyat state, Guan Eng himself still calls it a DAP-PKR state government.

I really wondered why and obviously, Malaysiakini also wondered why. Read it here and decide for yourself.

The excerpt from Malaysiakini here:

We understand that you prefer to call it a DAP-PKR state government rather than a Pakatan Rakyat state government in Penang?

At the moment. Because Pakatan Rakyat has not been formalised.

But elsewhere it has been known as the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

If that is what they want to call it but as I said, Pakatan Rakyat has not been formalised nationally. As the secretary-general (of DAP), I have to abide by that decision.

Does that reflect DAP's fear (of PAS) - that it is still there given the support you have from the Chinese community?

It’s just a question that it has not been formalised.

So the Penang state government is really no different from the one in Perak and Selangor?

When we formed the state government, it was a DAP-PKR joint coalition government. Of course, later we tried to bring in PAS through discussion indirectly ... but since PKR handled all these portfolios, we consider this question is to be decided by PAS and PKR.

So you are saying they will be included as part of the state government?

We want to include them in roles, to play their role in the Penang state government but this is subject to the discussion between PAS and PKR.

Do you think that DAP has somehow still been caught in this fear of the Islamic state when in fact quite a number of Chinese voters have voted for PAS?

They voted for PAS because they wanted to teach Barisan Nasional a lesson and PAS downplayed the question of Islamic state. If that is brought to the fore, it would have been a very different situation. Our role is to ensure that wouldn’t occur again.

Your fear is still there?

The people’s fear rather than our fear. We have to articulate their concerns. I think for instance Perak Menteri Besar (Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin) has done very well, in terms of taking a moderate approach but we want to see that reflected at the national level. Unfortunately, there are one or two statements from top PAS leaders which are not in accordance to the spirit that is agreed upon - that Pakatan Rakyat is not about Islamic state, now or in the future.

(Therefore, Pakatan) must be formalised so there is no discordant voices.

So, there you have it. You can read more of the Q & A on Malaysiakini.

Whether it is Pakatan Rakyat or DAP or PKR, I do not really care. As long as it is not the corrupted idiots of BN fellas, it is good enough!

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