The battle has started

Or so it seemed but it is bound to be the dirtiest ever in the history of Bodohland.

Of that I am very, very sure.

It started way before the signs of the battle could be seen. That was then. And now, here we are again.

I wonder if it will ever really end. Sigh.

Enough about that. I have been neglecting this blog on updates on Penang. Well, I've been meaning to post a very nasty post on the current favourites, DAP and PKR and PR.

No, not because I am taking the BN side. Or the Gerakan side. Or any political side.

Being non-political and mostly a politician-hater, I have always been able to look at any party objectively. No biasness, just plain observations and my own point of view.

So, sure, sometimes I may seem very pro-DAP or even pro-PKR or even pro-PR but let me reaffirm my statements in some of my posts, I hate politics and thus, I do not root for one party or another just because I think they are good. No political party is good. All are flawed. That's my opinion. Don't like it, too bad. Go rant about it in your own blog.

I will bash them if I deem it fit. I am certain I will get a lot of flack for bashing them here, now. But I feel it is time I let out some pent up feelings over the way they are doing things in recent times.

To the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng,

I think it is time that you start remembering you ARE the state government's top leadership. So, stop the finger pointing already. It is getting darn sickening. Seriously. I mean, it is okay if you let the cat out of the bag about the land deals and all but harping on it EVERY SINGLE BLARDY time is not going to cut it.

And this childish to and fro statements between you and your predecessor. Enough already. You are the Chief Minister now. Act like one and stop acting like the blardy Opposition.

And what's with the repetition of CAT every single blardy day?

Stop preaching and start practising, okay.

To the former Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon,

Woi. You don't know how to be an Opposition leader kah? Go take some lessons lar. Don't even know how to taruh the current CM kau kau wan. Ceh. Pussy.

To the ultra lame current line up of excos and DAP-PKR assemblymen,

Woi. You are NO LONGER the opposition in Penang. Can you get that blardy idea into your thick heads already? It's coming to a freaking five month of you being in power already. Blaming the previous government is getting really, really old.

FFS. We all know that the previous administration blardy screwed up. Don't have to harp on it every single blardy time.

Why don't you use your time constructively, like GOVERNING the blardy state for once?

And what's with this 'We want the PORR, the Monorail' nonsense? Wei, go ask most of the Penangites and see if they want the PORR or not! And you said you are for the people.

And monorail, sure we need some mode of public transportation but have you conducted a thorough study on it at all? Is it even suitable for tiny Penang island? Did you noticed how narrow our streets are?

To the Umno losers,

***too darn fed up to list out grievances here***

What else can I say, like a friend always told me. Stupidity can't be cured.

Also, to the PKR fellas,

Hell, I know you are all excited that your hero is coming to town and could possibly win the seat but please, don't be such hooligans, okay?

Five to seven men surrounding a single woman with the intention to beat her up is the act of ball-less cowards.

What you did will only tarnish you hero's image. Use your brain next time, or at least go borrow some before you attend any other functions of your hero's.

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