Oh whoopee, free wireless internet is on!

I know there's been countless grouses about the Penang Free Wireless project by some private company which is fully supported by the state government until some groups start going all up in arms about the harmfulness of WiFi.

So, looks like the recent forum on this project has left the government with the decision to continue supporting this project.

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi said the state would proceed with the project as long as there was no conclusive evidence of health risks posed by the initiative.

I don't know about its harmfulness (or not) but I sure do know how handy it'd be IF the project do take off.

Heck, they have just only started it and the first spot to have free WiFi in Komtar does NOT even work properly. It is SLOW, it is HARD to connect and yep, damn lousy.

But then, what do we expect from freebies, eh?

Sigh. Oh well. So, even if we eventually have free WiFi at public places, don't put your hopes up that you'd get speedy internet connection.

Just think about it lar. Free + high usage + low speed = Turtle pace

It'd probably beat Streamyx in a race of the slowest!

Of course, I am just saying lar. We won't know for sure yet since they are still installing all those thingamajics needed for wireless internet connection everywhere. Just don't put your hopes up, okay?

In Malaysia, we must look upon any GRAND project with scepticism, regardless of who is doing it. Anything could happen.

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