Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung backs up the police over BMC incident

What has this country come to that it is perfectly justified for the riot squad personnel to take the law into their own hands and beat up a person just because they think the person could have tried to run down one (or a few) of them?

Malaysiakini reported on the incident, complete with pictures, but it seems our Deputy Home Minister prefer not to believe the pictures and even said (excerpt from Malaysiakini):

"I can also say that Malaysiakini's report is incorrect. Don't just hear one side of the story. We have to hear the other side to know exactly what actually happened on May 27," he exclaimed.
So, is he saying that it is justified for the personnel to beat someone up even if the person did try to run them down? So, it is justified for a group of riot squad personnel armed with batons to drag ONE man out of his vehicle and then set upon him till he was bleeding from multiple injuries? Since when does police/ authority brutality become a justified action?

Even if the man did try to run one of the personnel down, couldn't they just arrest him and the passengers without resorting to any violence? Can you just explain that Mr Chor Chee Heung? According to Malaysiakini, he seemed think that whatever happened is due to the 'confusion' at the time:
"I believe in the confusion, many accusations have been made against the police and thugs. After that, residents were told to lodge police reports," he said.
Luckily the riot squad personnel were not armed with guns. God knows what would have happened if they were. Probably more people would be lying dead just because ' they thought that they are trying to run them down'. You can read the full article at Malaysiakini here.

Seems like people who demonstrate peacefully in peace walks could be arrested and charged with illegal assembly or sedition, people who blog the truth can be arrested and charged with sedition and people (on the 'right' side) can just openly beat up other people without any actions being taken against them.

What has this country become?


Deeng!!! said...

I do not feel ashamed and dissapointed, but feel angered by what this so called minister has said. Hey whatever you wanna call yourself, if you don't know the situation, don't say anything! Have you gone down there to see what has happened? Have you not seen the video of the beating by the police/FRUs? If you don't how to use the internet, ask your children to show the video to you. Go and watch the video, then you come and talk to us! I am a resident there so if you have nothing better to say, just shut up!

If we don't read the Malaysiakini, where are we going to get accurate news? Read the local newspapers controlled by the government? Believe in what you say? Come on Mr. Whatever, we are not stupid to believe in whatever we read, we have the intelligence to judge it for ourselves, not like you! You are not fit to represent the people, I suggest you resign from your post and come and live in Bandar Mahkota Cheras! We will represent you!

Anonymous said...

That is MCA for all Malaysian Chinese. Now MCA should know why they done 'so well' in the last election.
They will sell their own kind just to stay as deputy home minister !

Anonymous said...

I disagreed that Chor what his name sold its own kind to be deputy minister. He sold out all the Malaysians (irrespective of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban or others). Granted he was not there and we should listen to both sides of stories but I don't think he needs to authenticate the video to see who's been beaten mercilessly.

Anonymous said...

When will this be stopped? Political riots are still happening here and there since PR12.

Crankster said...

This guy is a moron!!

There is no more confidence in the Barisan Nasional government, much less in the police force.

Chor Chee Heung, and subsequently MCA are totally irrelevant to our political climate these days.