If you don't want people to read the report then don't sell it AT ALL!

First they said the report by the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the V.K. Lingam video clip will be made public. This means, anyone could read it right?


The moment some press made it public, they go and lodge police reports against the press.

That Ahmad Shabery Cheek some more have the cheek to say that this is not aimed at curbing press freedom and claimed that it was some sort of a 'leak'. Uh-huh. Yeah, definitely, there has been some sort of leak.

His brains are leaking from his head.

Just to think, a bare few weeks ago, this is the minister who went around talking about press freedom..ptui! What a load of hogwash and rubbish. Next time you want to lie, don't do it when you are going to be caught bare-faced and all.

I mean, do you even know the meaning of press freedom ah Mr Information Minister? Or do you need to get informed on the full meaning first?

It does not mean lodging police reports against the media to investigate the media under OSA for publishing a report that was to be made public anyway.

And then giving some stupid excuses that there might be some other 'leaks' on national secrets. Ooohhhh....why not bring in ISA while you are at it and say that by publishing the report, the media are now a threat to national security?

And this stupid statement:

“The Government has the right to protect certain classified information before making a public disclosure,” he (Ahmad Shabery Cheek) said.

It seems to me that you are contradicting yourself. First it is classified information and then making a public disclosure. Err, how can it be public disclosure if it is classified information? It is either classified information or information meant for public disclosure. Did your mother drop you on your head or something when you were a baby?

Or does it mean the government has no intention to make the FULL report public at all and only wished to expose some parts of it while others are 'classified information'? Heck, so this means, the blardy government has no intention to publicly disclose the whole sordid details of this judicial crap for all to see. Except that the media beat them to it and decided to make public details of it first before they could cover up the bits and pieces they want to cover.

Isn't that just typical of the Bumbling Numbskulls? Pretend to be all transparent and clean but then go behind the people's back to cover up all their dirty deeds.

For once, I am glad for the MSM. Biased they may be but at least once in a blue moon, they do present news that are sort-of unfiltered.

Although, of course, this so-called leak may just be a sanctioned one to get rid of the respect for Tun Dr M once and for all. And to put themselves as the innocent party, of course, they make full use of the bumbling idiots in the police force who'd bend over backwards for the Bumbling Numbskulls.

By the way, they are selling the report for over RM500++!!

Hmmm...perhaps they wanted to earn some fast bucks for it and were damn paik chek (frustrated) when the MSM published some of the details, rendering the full report quite valueless as when it was an 'exclusively available only at...' product.

You can read about the cheek of the mis-information minister in his opinion about the police report here.

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