Missing the school holidays

The recently ended school holidays are just too short. It should have lasted longer....sigh...

No. I am not a student or a teacher.

The thing is that during school holidays, there are lesser traffic congestion along roads near schools that I travel along daily. It was pure bliss driving to my babysitter's place to pick up my kid and drive back home. No horrendous jams due to inconsiderate parents who double and triple park along narrow lanes. No stupid school buses DOUBLE parking along four-lane roads. In short, no stress of having to manoeuvre through all these obstacles.

Immediately after school reopens....Roads like Jalan Mesjid Negeri (the McDonalds greenlane stretch where there's PFS), Jalan Air Itam (Chung Ling), Jalan Batu Lanchang (SMK Georgetown and SRK Batu Lanchang), Jalan Burma ( Union primary school), Jalan Gottlieb (PCGH), Lebuh Light (CLS) and Farquhar Street (SXI) are once again choked with traffic during the rush hour of between 1pm and 3pm and then again between 6pm and 7pm.

Sigh...a journey which normally took me about 30 minutes now takes me one hour to 45 minutes.

Life is just not meant for wasting behind the wheels of a car stuck in a traffic jam.

Just give me a car like one of those buses that Harry Potter travels in (you know, the types that could squeeze through traffic) and I'll be the happiest person on earth.

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