The BN government is a cowardly big bully to resort to this!

They had no other way to arrest Waythamoorthy (head of Hindraf) and now they have resorted to the dirty trick of canceling his passport in hopes that he would be sent back here by the British.

What a bunch of cowardly idiots.

According to Malaysiakini,

The activist (Waythamoorthy) had planned to visit Washington for talks with leaders of the US Congress and Amnesty and other rights groups, "but it has been put off because of his passport's cancelation"

He was going to talk about the discriminatory policies of this government there but looks like the cowards here decided to stop him by canceling his passport.

However, if the BN government thinks this is going to stop him and get the British to deport him back here so that he could join the Hindraf 5 in Kamunting, they will be sorely disappointed!

The British is set to hear his asylum application and Waythamoorthy is far from deterred but even more determined to fight on for Hindraf's cause and freedom! I say way to go Waythamoorthy and yes, Makkal Sakthi! I find his courage refreshing in the face of all this hurdles, just read his statement.

Here is Waythamoorthy's full statement taken from Malaysiakini:

I was travelling back to London from Geneva after the Hindraf briefing with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights on April 21, 2008 and was totally shocked to be informed by the UK immigration officer at Gatwick Airport that the Malaysian government had revoked my passport thus making me de facto stateless.

I see only one purpose. The Malaysian government had intended that I be deported back to Malaysia by the British authorities so that I too could be arrested under the draconian Internal Security Act and be detained for unspecified period of time without trial and be subject to torture and inhumane treatment for my political beliefs.

I have not committed any offence or crime other than to champion the cause of the systematically marginalised, discriminated and alienated ethnic Indian community in Malaysia who remained a permanently colonised community despite achieving independence 51 years ago.

It is most distressing to learn that, the land that my forefathers toiled as indentured labourers and one that I had been made citizen by the will of the unavoidable circumstances has decided to banish and exile me for speaking and advocating the truth that was never spoken off before.

The government has once again acted according to its whims and fancy without a second thought of the public or for the good of the public.

The Malaysian government repetitively had oppressed, suppressed and persecuted all causes of Hindraf by their act of totalitarianism from the very beginning but nevertheless the will and spirit of the Hindraf supporters have been the beacon of hope for the new strength founded upon our new found ‘Makkal Sakthi’ (people’s power).

The callous and cowardly acts of the government against me not only undermine their credibility domestically but also internationally. The government needs to realise that the Malaysian public can no longer be cowed as the public are no longer the sheep that begets the government wolves.

The government may use its best weapon in attempting to stall and break me but they fail to realise that I derive my strength from my ‘Makkal Sakthi’, and that is all that I need to carry on the torch and fight for the unjust cause of the ethnic Indians in Malaysia even if it means championing my cause from exile.

As much as I have been coerced, castigated by the Malaysian government, so have the Hindraf supporters. Hindraf supporters have shown unprecedented courage and character for the truth. It only motivates me further to pursue our goals.

They will never break my spirit

The revocation of my passport is probably the last ditch desperate effort by the Malaysian government in crippling my international lobby for the cause of the Indian Malaysians.

This unwarranted act has given me a greater "inner" strength to continue to fight for the struggle of Indian Malaysians and for the unconditional release of my fellow brothers held unjustly in Kamunting.

The government can unleash all the man made mechanism to stifle and silence me, but I have the backing of ‘Makkal Sakthi’ and that alone is sufficient for me to continue my fight for the people.

In ‘Makkal Sakthi’, I have found the truthness of my cause for the people. In today's world, utterance of truth is seen as a revolutionary action, and my quest for the truth is considered as a hindrance for the government. My judge is the people not the government.

I will continue this struggle until my last breath. They may break me but they will never be able to break my will and spirit that is derived from the people for the truth is in it.

I shall continue the struggle for the "freedom" of the ethnic Indian Malaysians from London and urge all Hindraf supporters to remain calm as they have always been. I shall forever remain a loyal Malaysian and will return to Malaysia soon to continue and accomplish what I had started.


Anonymous said...

The UMNO GOVT. is a coward.putting its own citizens in ISA and torturing them mentally and physically. One day .....we will see the PM and DPM undergoing the same treatment NOT forgetting the stupid IGP and the murder charger specialist/Rock Specialist....The day will come!!!! I'll pray to GOD!!!

Anonymous said...


The move by the Government is timely, decisive, correct and on legal footing.

The action of so few, (not only may) has infact threaten the fragile security life of Malaysia, since she is positioned quite unlike UK, Australia or whatever.

The philosophical and constitutional standpoint of our local human rights governance wasbased, and can only be based on common security and harmony between the different races.

Reformed or not, the judiciary will defend this constitutional doctrine that has entrenched into every nooks and crack of the constitutional structure of Malaya and Borneo. No wonder there was a call to 'reform the judiciary'. the end result would be to topple this jurisprudential reality..


Anonymous said...

Come on, Waythamoorthy, come back Malaysia to face it like a man. Not just hide under the British skirt.

Foong said...

devan: I couldn't agree more with you.

shali: are you high on something or what? You call such discriminatory policies right and correct? Please go back under whatever coconut shell you emerge from instead of spouting nonsense about human rights while agreeing to the blatant discriminatory policies by the government. There is NO human rights here if people are treated differently because of their skin colour and people can also be detained indefinitely without a fair trial.

anon: I am sure once he has done what he needs to do now, he will come back to fight for the rest. He won't do any good inside Kamunting but outside, he could tell the world so that everyone could see how discriminatory Malaysian government is.