I am keeping this blog

I have decided to continue maintaining this blog after all!

So, keep a watch out for new blog posts coming soon.

Meanwhile, you can still go on over to my own domains:

Foong Speaks Her Mind

Penang Views and News

The Food Site

for more interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

congrats on your pr5. however, be prepared that this wont last long, at least it will only last until the next pr update.

grab a text-link-ads account and earn some cash while u have the pr5. tla are not penalised by google pr yet, so no worry bout pr being downgraded bcos of it.

once again, congrats

Foong said...

anon: thanks. I did grab a TLA account but somehow they rejected this blog. So I am going to maintain this blog for awhile more and then earn cash other ways...