The full Datuk Ahmad Ismail's speech 'explaining' his racist remarks

As promised, below are the scanned copies of the written speech by Ahmad Ismail when he finally came out to explain his racist remarks and defiantly say that he refused to apologise with the backing of all 13 Umno divisions:

Backed by all 13 Umno divisions from Penang, the embattled Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail today fervently defended his stand not to apologise for his alleged racist remarks against the Chinese community.

- Malaysiakini
Here are the pages after pages of the speech:

Of course, if you just can't be bothered to read all those, you can always go to Malaysiakini for the brief version.


Anonymous said...

Is this guy for real? If there's anyone who's "melukakan hati orang Melayu", i think its him. And who is being immature? Who is the one refusing to apologise and making up excuses for himself?
The chinese community has done alot for our country's economy. why bring up history when we are supposed to be "Bangsa Malaysia", united as a nation and not seperated by race?
I am ashamed to call myself a Malay.
Thank you very much for posting this, at least i know the whole story :)

Ritesh Pandey said...

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