Getting links and traffic from blog directories

When I first started blogging, a couple of years ago, I practically don't know anything about blogging.

I only knew how to sign up for a free blog in blogspot. And I blogged. And blogged. And blogged. However, traffic was at a bare minimal. I stalked other blogs and wondered why they are getting loads of traffic.

Then I found out about linking and getting traffic from blog directories. Although it is no substitute for original and quality posts, linking and registering with blog directories could prove a great help to give your blog some exposure.

I registered with BlogCatalog.

Then I signed up with Penang Bloggers.

Also Blog Malaysia.

Later, I found out about PPS.

I also have Entrecard, as you can see on the side here.

And recently, I discovered Blog Explosion.

Of course, there are a lot of other blog directories that you could submit to and it would probably take me several lengthy posts to list them all out.

My point here is that these blog directories / communities / whateveryoucallit are quite useful to get your blog known out there in the vast expense of the blogosphere.

It also helps to gain you some faithful following and some readers. But please, don't be like me. I joined Entrecard and seldom go around dropping...heheheh...thus the dismal traffic to my blog till now.

However, at least I am getting some traffic as opposed to almost ZERO in the past. So, yeah, it does help to be listed in those blog communities / directories/ whatever.

Get your blogs registered now and you will see what I mean!

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