All work and no play....

One of my most favourite homeworks during my schooldays was essay writing because it does not involve any calculations and well, I can just use my imagination and write anything I want and still get marks from it.

No guesses why I am now a blogger, huh?

Of course, it was not always like that. At one point, especially in college, I find that it takes up too much time to be producing writing assignments while still enjoying some ME time...after all, college is all about finding myself, right?

I remember being made to write a summary essay on a thick boring book and I was struggling like mad over the whole thing. In the end, I did a thoroughly lousy job and got really lousy marks for it. I darn well deserved that since I was too occupied with..err..other diversions to be concentrating on a summary essay.

And then, can you just imagine the amount of time is wasted on writing assignments? Just think, there you are, with a hot date lined up and several parties to go to over the weekend and you have an essay on Shakespeare to complete. That sure does cramp your time a bit...Shakespeare is definitely not an easy subject to be writing about, I can tell you.

Luckily in this age and time, students writing essays on their own at all odd hours of the day to make the deadline is a thing of the past. There are plenty of writing services available on the internet and all you need to do is to hire someone to do the work for you in as fast as 6 hours' time!

Amazing, isn't it? For a small sum of moolah and you could go party all night through and have someone do your homework for you. And it is done professionally too. You can do a google search or even check out Custom Writing which offers rather great writing services.

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