Time for state government to start WORK

They are new at governing a state, that I know.

They are still grappling with the heavy responsibility of running a state. That also I know.

Most of the state executive councillors are new and one or two barely held any positions within their party, DAP and PKR. So, they are mostly inexperienced and are pretty much like lost kittens mewling and bewildered.

However, it is now July. It has been four months. True, four months is not enough time for them to be experts at running the Penang state government but it is enough time for them to know their facts, to at least have an inkling of what their responsibilities are now.

It is also enough time for them to LEAVE behind this 'BLAMING' mindset. Why do I say this? Well, they have been blaming the federal government this and that. And before this, they are blaming the previous administration for this and that.

My opinion is: GET OVER IT already.

So, the previous state government screwed up. They squandered state funds (allegedly). They drive investors away (allegedly). They sanctioned land scams (allegedly). We all heard and read about it all the time in the news. Heck, we stay in Penang, we blardy well know what the previous state government did or did not do. So, stop this finger pointing already.

And yes, the federal government is holding out. They have stopped the mega projects. Boo-hoo. Bawl all you want but the federal government is not going to pander to your every whim and fancy. So, blardy hell stop wasting so much time bawling and blaming and demanding for just treatment when you blardy well know it is not forthcoming.

Why don't you start acting on your own? Why not make your own decisions now? There are still things that you could control and have jurisdiction over. Like what Phua Chu Kang always likes to say,

"Use your brain!"

Is that so hard? So, no monorail project. Can't you find other alternatives? Why not get corporates to propose other ideas with corporate sponsorship thrown in? Better still, why not just do away with the monorail and concentrate on providing a complete network of public bus covering every possible area and then supplement that with taxis by getting the taxi drivers' cooperation.

Also, what the heck is the state government doing about those rogue taxi drivers who insist of cutting the throat of passengers? They still do not use the meter. And what is the state government doing about it? Yes, I know, you are putting the onus on CVLB again to take action.

So, are you saying there is nothing the state government could do about it?

Seriously. Stop pushing the buck around. Stop finger pointing. And most importantly, STOP going down the same path as the previous state government of pushing things around and not getting anything done.

Time to act. So, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, my call to you is to get your excos to start solving problems and change this 'Opposition' mentality of blaming everything on Barisan Nasional. DAP and PKR was not voted into power in Penang merely to blame others but to turn the state around.

So, please, just fulfill your promises and forget about finger pointing. Really.

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