Becoming rich and famous the billionaires' way

We all have dreams of striking it rich and becoming an overnight millionaire to join the ranks of the Nouveau Riche (that's French for 'New rich') since most of us do not have the luxury of inheriting millions from our family fortune.

However, we can always take a leaf from the experiences of billionaires who have time after time add on to their fortunes faster than you could pronounce the words Nouveau Riche! There are, in fact, a lot of self-made millionaires and billionaires who came into their own wealth due to their entrepreneurship and very wise investing.

One of the world's top ranking billionaires, Tsai Wan-Lin is a really good example of the Nouveau Riche because he started life as a poor rice farmer's son in Taiwan. However, this enterprising and determined man turned his life around by selling insurance. He founded Cathay Life Insurance and has since stepped down for his son to take over. This humble man also lived simply and is very publicity shy despite his billions.

Another self-made billionaire we all know is, of course, William Gates III, or more commonly known as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He is proof that you can be a Harvard dropout and still become a billionaire, as long as you persistently fight to achieve your dreams.

So, if you plan to join the list of billionaires of the world, start reaching out to your dreams now and be persistent. Just remember to also use some wisdom and learn to be humble because it is in humbleness that we learn.

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