Watch them in action LIVE

To those of you who have never even been to the Penang state assembly before, well, you don't have to go there to watch our elected leaders slinging insults..err...approving policies and acts and whateveritistheydothere live over the internet!

From this year onwards, the Penang state assembly is definitely going to be fun, fun and more fun!


Simple. It is now full of the DAP and PKR fellas instead of only the BN fellas with one DAP and one PAS fella to provide the check and balance needed to keep the state government in check.

Yep, it is now the DAP and PKR against the Umnos. Too bad, no Gerakan or MCA or MIC fellas will be in there since all of them got 'kicked' out by Penangites on March 8.

It will be a great show this Monday to see how the Umnos are at being the Opposition while at the same time, it will be 'showtime' for the DAP and PKR fellas to prove how good they are at policy making.

I remember in previous sessions, Phee Boon Poh the Sungai Puyu assemblyman was the sole DAP representative who stood up and argued with the BN fellas. It was indeed a losing battle because there is only so much that one man can do. However, credit do go to him for being darn persistent!

So, now, we will see how Azhar Ibrahim (the guy who insisted that ALL mega projects in Penang be cancelled and the guy who organised the street demonstration in Komtar) fare as the Opposition considering how brainless he and his gang of buffoons are...

Oh well, if you intend to watch it live, go here or here from 10am onwards on Monday.

Enjoy the show!

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