Another idiotic minister opens her mouth

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The lesbian minister aka Azalina has decided to withdraw tourism support for five states by canceling tourism MoUs with the tourism action councils in the states which include Penang.

Then she said the councils will be under the ministry and not the state governments to 'organise tourism events' in the states but all the tourism events planned will be revised and reviewed.

After that she contradicted herself by saying that there is no boycott of tourism in these states.

Well, my dearest clueless former sports minister now turned tourism minister, canceling the MoUs is not boycott kah? And by the way, what is the point of this exercise except to tell the people that 'you go vote for the Opposition la, now we won't help you anymore' in an obvious sore-loser kind of way?

Doesn't it even cross your tiny corrupted mind that this will only affect the tourism industries in these states, more so the people in the industry, than anything else? What, you think the state governments are making money from tourism ke? Don't tell me the small tiny li'l white mass in your head can't make it clear for you that tourism benefits the people and the economy as a whole and not just the state governments?

Or you are worried that the funding channeled to the action councils will no longer be distributed amongst fellow Umnoidiotputras anymore if the councils are under the state governments? So, you have to remove the councils from the state government to ensure the funding channeled to them are safe and sound and will continue to feed the Swiss bank accounts of many other sore-loser idiots in the same bed as you? Hmm...one does wonder.

Fortunately, the Penang state government is not so perturbed by it due to tremendous support by private sponsors and corporations in state tourism events. The exco in charge, Danny Law has said that they will just have to find a way around it and get support from elsewhere such as the private sector although they still need federal funding for major projects.

"After all, the private sector is very supportive of this new state government because any proposed good projects now will not be hijacked and given to Umno as it used to happen previously," he reportedly said.

Hmmm...methinks Danny, who is incidentally my long-time acquaintance, is improving and that is a good sign. He is finally settling down to the big task given to him and we can expect good things coming up in the tourism sector soon. After all, he had promised many 'good news' in the near future.

I shall await his good news.


Snapshots said...

i for one will be waiting for news that can improve Penang Tourism, for i am a hotelier and a penangite. Its sad to see how Penang Tourism been over shadow by other places, the past 4 years was the worst i think.

Fashionasia said...

hai...stupid wan the minister...isn't tourism all about Malaysia? u think people come all the way to visit Malaysia and wont go to penang meh....we should just put aside all differences and market Malaysia as a whole lah....if they REALLY think for the benefit of the country, such weird decisions wouldn't have exist.

5xmom.com said...

Haih...memang stupiak. I cannot wait to see them kiss the Federal Gov. monopoly goodbye. They forget that these five states have some of the most attractive tourist spots. And I hope we will see less of those tourists that come. Nay..you know which group lah. Bring back those rich Europeans that don't become eyesores.

Foong said...

Snapshots: I'm sure Danny has good plans lined up for Penang so just wait and see how he brings life back to the tourism industry here.

Fashionasia: wat2do la, we have such a stupid brainless minister. They only think of revenge and nothing else.

5xmom: ya, I agree...we don't need stingy ninjas as tourists, we need rich Europeans!

Anonymous said...

"councils will be under the ministry and not the state governments to 'organise tourism events' in the states"

money, money, money ... follow the money :-)

Foong said...

Anon: Yep, that's what I thought too...

BlurChu? said...


Like i always say, sometimes, stupidity cannot be cured lah!

And perhaps she did have a bowl or two lah.... HAHAHA!~