Pikom PC Fair is a death trap!

They have created a death trap, if ever a fire broke out, at the Pikom PC Fair in Pisa!

Firstly, the stalls are all so crammed together that the walkways are narrow and with the huge crowd there, it isn't very easy to get around.

Secondly, they have this REALLY STUPID idea to have one entrance and one exit. That's not the worse of it, they partitioned off the entrance so if you are on the other side of the concourse, you will have to walk ALL AROUND to the entrance if ever you need to get out in a hurry. The exit is on the lower ground so those who had walked around the concourse, go downstairs to the indoor stadium to check out the stalls and came up to the concourse again, will find that they have no way out but to go back down.

I do not see the point of this at all as there was no entrance fees. Since each and every single stall has so many staff to push their items at you, I would hardly think it is that easy for thieves to steal expensive stuffs like, say, a notebook (which are all locked, anyway).

As for the fair itself, if you are looking for cheap DVDs, CDs, thumb drives, memory sticks, memory cards and other techie accessories, then, going to the Pikom PC Fair is a good idea. Some of these items are being sold quite cheap and much lower than market rate.

A word of advice, though, go early as the crowds there are truly unbelievable and you may not get a good parking spot!

Other than that, well, it is not so great la. Most of the more expensive stuffs such as notebooks and some cameras are being sold at normal market prices...maybe with discounts of RM50 or so or worse, stupid free gifts that you do not need.

To prove my point, I went and checked out the prices of HTC Touch, my PDA phone, and found that there were no special discounts, no special packages and no special free gifts. It is the same as going to the shops on normal days to buy it. I also checked out wireless modems and the discounts were only between RM20 to RM50 or some of it the prices are the same but it includes unwanted free gifts.

The only good thing about the Pikom PC Fair is that all of the techie shops are concentrated in one place and it makes surveying and scouting for the best prices the shops can offer for certain items easier.

The Pikom PC Fair at Pisa is until Sunday and open from 11am to 9pm.


Johncaster said...
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Johncaster said...

Well, I agree with Foong's point of view. The prices of laptops and desktop PC & other heavy duty items like handycam are relatively same with the market price. The discount rate is only between 5 to 15%. The accessories or light weight items are relatively cheaper than the market price. Well it all depends on the people what they are looking for in the fair.

caravanserai said...

PC fair
You think you get it cheap

I had attended twice
PC fair just a sales front
Price of goods as usual
For the branded goods

Products from China
You can get it reasonably cheap
But one has to beware
It doesn’t work properly

Oh yeah the freebees
You can forget about it
It doesn’t worth the time to take it home
The suppliers/dealers can throw it away

I have to agree with you
The safety of the customers
Far far behind the organizer’s mind
The one I attended in Ipoh
I quickly got out
The safety measures need to improve

Now I wait for Christmas sales
Or sales before CNY
Here I think prices slashed down
For goods somebody wants to buy

Foong said...

johncaster: I am glad you think so too!

caravanserai: Ya lor, I have decided not to go to the next Pikom PC Fair next year. What a waste of time and dangerous too!

Clarence said...

hmm..I stopped going to the fair for the 1st time this year...your post just supported my decision but your pictures made me miss penang a lot T.T

Foong said...

clarence: I actually stopped going to the fair quite a few years already but I went this time to get some cheap accessories.

Anonymous said...

most of the items at PC fair is being sold on normal price...nothing so great about this PC fair though....

rjnpenang said...

I totally agree its a fire trap, We visited the one before Christmas and were unable to find the exit, we were not allowed to leave at the entrance and had to walk the whole way round the building. I was so concerned that I wrote a letter to the The Star but it was never published.
An expat in Penang.