Lucky Flower

Look longer, the luck may rub off on you !

Ever heard of the Chinese phrase 'tik chu kai hua' - literal translation 'iron plant blossoming'?

Well, being an ang moh sai (English educated), I have not heard of it before until this nondescript GOOD LUCK plant blossomed at a friend's house and everyone practically made a huge fuss about it!

It seems that it is very, very, very rare for this plant to 'kai hua' so it is often that this 'tik chu kai hua' phrase was used in the same context as, say, 'when pigs fly'. I think.

It is also believed that if this plant were to produce blossoms, then the owner will reap the 'benefits' in the form of GOOD LUCK in everything. It could be a promotion, an unexpected windfall, maybe even strike the lottery?

It is also believed that those fortunate enough to see its blossoms will also similarly get GOOD LUCK!

Muahahahah...I just bought a lottery ticket, does that mean I am going to strike it rich and be able to 'fire' my boss?

Oh, well, superstitious it may sound but hey, no harm looking at flowers right? It is not as if we are required to eat it or anything! And yes, these pictures are of the GOOD LUCK plant and its blossoms.

So, if after looking at these pictures and you strike 4D, don't forget to belanja me huh?

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