Tasty Spiced Fried Chicken

Spiced Fried Chicken

All the previous political posts had made me hungry so I binged on these succulent fried chicken! Although I used to be a fan of KFC, I now only eat hawker-style fried chicken or I-fry-it-myself-style fried chicken. Heck, the fried chicken pieces in KFC are shrinking so much I think the next time I go, the fried chicken will be no bigger than my thumb!

So, I went around trying quite a few roadside stalls and hawker stalls at hawker centres selling fried chicken till I find a few that I really like. Which is not many. Somehow, finding the perfect fried chicken is akin to the excuse people use for masturbation - it is better to do it yourself! Heh.

Anyway, I was very, very lazy to de-frost the chicken, season it, heat up the oil, fry it and clean up the whole oily kitchen after that so I had to rely on hawkers to get my fried chicken fix.

Again, TH, my number one foodie partner, recommended this fried chicken stall tucked away at the Hillside Astaka / food court. The guy's open only at night, from around 7pm onwards and sorry, I didn't know what day he tutup since TH is the one who went down to get the chicken for me while I...er...jaga kereta. And being a non-blogger, he didn't bother to ask the guy details, like operation time, days, address, etc...

Anyway, these spiced fried chicken should not be mistaken as the ciplak version of KFC's hot and spicy chicken. When I say spiced, it is in the context of spices, not chili. The fried chicken is crunchy on the outside although it don't look it and the flesh inside is just tender, soft, juicy and oh-so-tasty! Yummmm....

Prices aren't that cheap but it is quite reasonable, RM2 for each piece of chicken breast or wing, RM2.50 for the drumstick and if you are into chicken butt, it is five for RM2.

Rating: 8/10

Taste: Hint of spices, crunchy outside, juicy and soft inside, just salty enough to tingle the tastebuds

Definitely recommended as a side dish to whatever you are having, or just as a snack.

A Word of Warning: Contains fat and probably cholesterol too but for this saliva-inducing taste, I don't care!

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