Eating fish in a jungle

We took a trip to the depths of an oil palm estate somewhere near the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and enjoyed some really great freshwater fishes!

We ate FOUR whole fishes! Each fish costs between RM20 and RM38. Not bad considering the size and how fresh it is.

I don't know what fish these are except that it is freshwater and darn fresh and very delicious, deep fried, covered in sweet and sour sauce and steamed.

The shack that passed as a restaurant where the delectable fishes are cooked and served.

There's a wooden rickety bridge from the shack over a bubbling river heading to large ponds where they rear the freshwater fishes.

A closer look at the wooden shack...

The fishes are really good and I would recommend this place if you have a hankering for fish. Also, the fishes are all very sweet without any muddy taste at all.

Rating: 8/10

Price: RM20 and above for each fish

Menu choices: Only fish, rice and one or two vegetables

Location: Sungai Kob, Kulim. Accessible through a small dirt road marked with only a small signboard with Restoran Kolam Ikan on it. Just take the turning to Kulim Hi Tech Park Phase 2, drive all the way to Sungai Kob and once you reach the tiny town, you will see Petronas on your left and right after that a row of shophouses. The small dirt road is on the right and right next to the Klinik Kesihatan. Otherwise, call the number in the picture above for more accurate directions!


I'm Choonie. said...

I watched Ah Xian from Astro make a review about this place. He gave him a very good rating too.

Foong said...

choonie: No wonder la got the 'recommended by Astro thing' pasted on the wall! It is really good or else I wouldn't give the place such a good rating.