Pikom PC Fair in Penang

If you are thinking of getting new tech gadgets or computers or any techie stuffs, there will be two Pikom PC Fairs here in Penang.

Here are the details:

On the mainland:

Date: April 11 - 13

Time: 11am - 9pm

Venue: Dewan Millenium, Kepala Batas

On the island:

Date: April 18 - 20

Time: 11am - 9pm

Venue: Pisa, Relau

Based on my previous experiences of going to the Pikom PC Fair, be prepared to find:

1. Great bargains for items that are fast becoming obsolete..like old models of computers, notebooks, printers, cameras, etc.

2. Reasonable bargains for accessories such as thumb drive, memory sticks, CD-ROM, pen drive, etc.

3. Little or no good discounts for newly released products such as new laptops, printers, computer, etc.

4. Often, newly released products are offered in a package with free this or that, usually items that are cheap and not needed.

5. Only certain items, due to promotions by the brand, are being sold at great bargains with good packages.

6. Many local companies selling their own brand of computers really cheap which may or may not be reliable so if you are tempted, check on the company background and their after-sales service.

Therefore, if you are looking for great bargains, check around other computer /tech shops first to get a feel of the pricing before going to the Pikom PC Fair. Often, you will find that there are not much difference in prices for certain items, especially the ones that are high in demand.

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