Datuk Lee Kah Choon is no longer a Gerakan member!

So, I guess the Gerakan fellas are now happy that Lee Kah Choon has been forced to resign as a member of Gerakan.

What I really do not understand about this whole debacle is the huge pointless fuss over Kah Choon's appointment as a director in InvestPenang and PDC.

He no longer holds any position in Gerakan. FFS! He is only a mere member and the stoolpit party wants to take disciplinary action against him for becoming a director in two corporations??

So, does this mean all Gerakan ordinary members are not allowed to work in the civil service? Hey, they are serving the state government also wat, why not issue show cause letters to them too?

You mean to say from now onwards, the party affiliations of people are more important than their abilities, capabilities and efficiency in helping the development of Penang?

All this crap by the BN losers may make good reading material and even received with glee by observers waiting to see fireworks happen but I feel that it is time for them (the BN) to wise up and mature!

I mean, come on. Use your brain and think. Shouldn't you as political leaders be concentrating on helping the people and the development of the state instead of waddling knee-deep in shit like this?

What is the point of all this furore anyway? What is so wrong about a person extending his hand out to help others or in this case, a capable leader like Lee Kah Choon extending his experience and capabilities to help the state?

So, it is more important for the party to 'save face' is it?

And please, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, you are way out of line to be hitting below the belt by name calling! Calling Lee inexperience is by far the worst thing you could have done!

May I ask you, Dr Koh, were you VERY EXPERIENCED when you took over as Chief Minister all those years ago?

Were you VERY EXPERIENCED when you took over the helm of PDC then?

I do not think so.

So, please, don't throw stones when you live in a glass house and another thing, Lee Kah Choon is a way better man than you ever could be because he graciously turned your criticism around by saying that he will use it to prove you wrong!

I didn't hear him calling you names.

Sigh...the state of maturity of our politicians, except for some Pakatan Rakyat fellas and the few BN fellas (or former BN) like Lee Kah Choon, leaves much to be desired.

When will they ever learn that politics is not about 'I would die for my party' but 'I would die serving the people'?


caravanserai said...

Country or party
The politicians should be aware
You work for the country
The party is just a badge to say
The affiliation you belong

It is just a badge
It shouldn’t be the first line you draw you defense
It is the country benefits and progresses
Every politician should come forward to help

It is sad to read
The sleeping beauty and his BN arrogant leaders
Never understand the concept
They just want their power
And the gravy train to take them far and wide

Man it is the country
It is the backbone of the people
You are voted in by the people
For the people and the country
It isn’t for you and your party
Time the leaders change their myopic rules

This isn’t a new concept
In the days of Islamic pursuits
It has been done
Everybody is treated equally
In the administration of a state

Likewise with other religious faiths
They do share with others
Why can’t political party leaders do?
It isn’t about principle and rules
It is about helping the country to progress
For the sole purpose of giving wealth
To the people and nation

MyDeskBlog.com said...

When has BN truly cared about serving the rakyat as top priority anyway?

It is obvious by now that BN, even after political tsunami of March 08, remains as arrogant and politically divided as ever.

I hope Lee Kah Choon contributes well to Penang's well being. My congratulations to Penang folks.

Foong said...

caravanserai: obviously to the BN, it is all about principles and rules and not about bringing progress for the country. Just read KY's reaction in my latest entry.

mydeskblog: You are right, BN is as arrogant as ever, just read KY's reaction in my latest blog entry!