A book sale, hurry!

Popular Bookstore has a book sale at One Stop Midlands Centre, Pulau Tikus for a whole month!

The sale is being held at the Popular's former shop at Level 5 and books are being sold really, really cheap! It started on Friday and is until April 28.

I went there on Friday and it was so crowded, I had to wait in line for almost an hour to pay for the books! Needless to say, I bought quite a lot of books. Most of it costs between RM10 to RM30 each, even for hardcover books and certain bestsellers.

The discounts are from 10% up to 90% so the prices are a real bargain.

The books on sale are on all subjects, fiction and non-fiction, school revision books and academic books. So, even if you are not much of a reader, it is a good time to get some school books for your kids / some recipe books / some how-to books or even some CDs / DVDs. Oh, I forgot to mention that the original CDs and DVDs are also on sale.

A warning though. Be prepared to be faced with jumbled up books being strewn practically on every surface haphazardly and the titles all mixed up. The same goes for the CDs and DVDs. Also, they have cleverly placed new bestsellers near the front portion where the rest of the 'No discount' items are.

So, be careful. Not all books in there are on sale. To be sure, you just need to check the price tags. The discounted items all have yellow tags to show the numbers 30 or 70 which indicated the percentage of discounts.

If it is a new bestseller and there are no other tags next to its price tag, then it most probably isn't on discount.

Go early in the day before the crowds on weekends, otherwise go during weekdays. You don't want to get stuck at the long snaking Qs at the cashiers!

Have fun shopping!

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