TM suck big time!

I am so very irritated and annoyed and darn hopping mad with TM that I have half a mind to cancel all my subscription of land line and Streamyx with the world's most inefficient telecommunications company there ever was!

It is their good fortune that I could not afford any other broadband internet provider (Maxis is slow & expensive or fast & extremely expensive. Celcom is under TM so it is not another internet provider, it's the same). My only other hope is PenangFon but they are not in my area so it is out of the question.

The problem. Well, it is a really simple problem actually. Something a visit from their technician could solve probably within minutes. You see, I am having problems connecting to the internet if I use a splitter. I know I know, it could be the splitter problem but it isn't. I would know because I changed the blardy splitter three times! I don't think I am so suey that every splitter I got is faulty! Besides, the splitter worked just find elsewhere!

Again, I know it could be the cable problem. Well, I changed the cables so many times I've lost count! I've called 100 so many times I've also lost count! So, the only way for me to go online now is to connect the line directly to the modem, bypassing the splitter.

This means, I can't use the phone if I am online. Absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me!
Some smart alec customer service fella whom I called through 100 even had the cheek to tell me that I should go look for a technician and pay him to look into the faulty line.

Now, why the heck should I do that? It is obviously a line problem and not my blardy fault. Why should I be the one to fork out $$ to rectify what is basically a TM problem?

Sigh. This is what we get when one single company gets to practically monopolise the whole sector! Poor customer service and horrendous responses to complaints.

This is not the first time I am having problems with TM. Previously it was some stupid phone line problem which took them months to rectify and now this. Seriously, those idiots just don't know how to do their jobs at all!

Well, I have sent a really nasty email to the customer care in TM and I'll see what happens.

If I still face the same problem, I will do some investigative checks and personally contact the GM or area manager here and send him/ her my letter / email of complaint. That should get their attention!

Hummppphhh! The moment PenangFon comes to my area, I will be first in line!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, tmnet suck, I cannot cancel my subscription or otherwise I will pay them the penalty because I still not past one year subscription.

Damn Tmnet, I pay RM90 monthly for such bad service.