The wind of change

It was a big surprise or even a shock to many Penangites to find that suddenly there is a new state government for the state.

Given the backstage shenanigans I have seen during and also before the elections campaign, I wasn't really caught unawares. Sure, it was unexpected that the Opposition went on to sweep up Kedah, Perak and Selangor too but it isn't all that hard to believe that Penangites have decided to send for the 'rockets' after so many years.

Before I go any further, let me first make this clear that I am not a die-hard Opposition party supporter nor am I a die-hard fan of the BN. I have and shall always remain an objective observer of all the tricks or treats dealt by the BN, DAP, PKR or PAS (though there is not much of any PAS actions in our tiny island state).

Now back to the Penangites' revolt which bring about the downfall of Gerakan, MCA and MIC in Penang. I attributed it to the Penangites' underlying anger and barely concealed dissatisfaction against the BN government as whole more than anything else.

So, will this wind of change really bring about the much wanted change to the state?

That still remain to be seen but it is my hope that the DAP-PKR alliance do succeed in changing the government administration for the better.

I mean, the BN had decades to do it but they have since grown complacent and lazy. Sure, there were growth and development but there were also blatant corruption, unfair practices, uncontrolled development and an overall dismissal for a need to address localised issues such as the controversial Penang Global city Centre project. The people's concerns were not heard and the people's needs were ignored.

We do not need another luxurious skyscraper condominium for the filthy rich. In fact, we do not need another skyscraper. Period. We do not need trees to be cut down indiscriminately and we do not need hills to be cleared for more luxurious housing.

We do not need another mega commercial lots project because we have plenty of commercial lots which remained largely vacant.

We do not need taxi drivers who insist on robbing us blind in broad daylight by refusing to use the meter and charging exhorbitant fees.

We do not need more traffic lights on wide two to six lane roads such as the Tanjung Bungah stretch.

We do not need more rogue policemen to stand behind trees and around the corners to jump out at unsuspecting motorists and demand motorists to 'settle'.

We do not need corrupt elected reps who put on airs and thinks they are the boss of the people and not the other way around.

We do not need lousy enforcement actions who jump to summon those who were late a minute or two in putting coins in the meters but blatantly ignore motorbikes parked illegally at carpark lots or Malay hawkers taking up the whole walkway forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

We do not need inefficient contractors for any public amenities projects who take years to complete a small tiny project and then to deliver it late and in poor quality.

We do not need more of our taxpayers' money to be wasted on fluff and horribly ugly things such as huge expensive fountains when simple greenery will suffice.

What we do need is a more prudent government who really do listen to what the people want and need and not presumed they know. The new Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been going around saying he is a 'friend' to the people who happened to be the Chief Minister. Let's just hope he is really what he says and not just spouting another meaningless slogan.

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