A shadow of their former selves?

When I read the news, it made me want to laugh out loud and hysterically too! The mere silliness of it is enough to make me want to shake some sense into them or...... Please, just spare me from this senselessness and poke my eyes out with a red-hot fork now!

Looks like we will have a shadow exco. Read about it here:

Article from The Star online, April 30, 2008 (Sunday)

Penang gets its shadow exco

PENANG: State Barisan Nasional chief Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon has announced his "shadow" executive councillors -- 11 Umno state assemblyman -- who will "monitor the performance" of the new state government.

Koh said each shadow executive councillor would head a committee with representatives from all component parties.

The committee members are former Barisan candidates who were experienced and interested in the various fields under their portfolios.

"They will meet regularly and frequently with related non-governmental organisations and the public to reflect the views and thoughts of all people," he told a press conference after chairing a Barisan Nasional meeting on Sunday.

He said opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim would head the shadow executive council.

Azhar was recently criticised for participating in an illegal assembly on March 14 to protest statements made by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, and also for asking the Federal Government to scrap mega-projects in the state.

Dr Koh said Barisan wanted to be a strong coalition that does not only work together during the general election, but functions at all times.

"We want to continue to be an effective coalition that represents all the different races in the state.

"All the component party leaders and members had shown their commitment in continuing to serve and work for the people despite the downfall in the election," he said.

What I don't get are these few points:

1. What does he mean by shadow exco? Does he mean they are just back to what they do best? Hang around like real shadows and do nothing?

2. Why is the sore-loser the head of the shadows? Hmm..perhaps his shadow is bigger and he is the best one to have hanging around and doing nothing...well, except to organise street demonstrations and call for press conferences announcing his stupidity to the world while lacing his words with racial sentiments...

3. Huh? Regular meetings with NGOs and other committee members from all component parties? Are you sure? You mean, you are not still fighting with MCA? You mean Umno actually talk to you instead of giving you orders? And also, after all these years, you suddenly want to talk to the NGOs?

Hmm..I don't know la. This just seems so darn shadowy, it is hard to believe and swallow.

I mean, they had their chance when the were exco members. At that time, they were already like shadows, with no substance and hardly any accomplishments. So, what makes him so sure they won't remain as shadows even with this easy, simple task of monitoring the performance of the state government?

But then again, he is smart to call them shadows. After all, if they end up acting like real shadows, nobody can blame him. After all, he already warned us that they will only be shadows. No substance needed.

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