A cool hang out place at New World Park

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It's been awhile since I took a leisurely early dinner with plenty of time to walk around and browse so over the weekends we decided to have dinner at New World Park in Swatow Lane/ Hutton Lane/ Burmah Road.

I've heard that there's a Ladies Street sort of bazaar going on over the weekends there so I thought, maybe I could pick up some really nice stuff or browse around for birthday present ideas.
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So, what I found there was pretty disappointing although it was pleasant walking around the beautiful hang-out place. There's no other name to call it since it is so very conducive for friends to simply hang around there at any of its 'coffee' shops and chat for hours...

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The Ladies Street is just an array of about 20 stalls selling pasar malam stuffs like handbags, earrings, dresses and knick-knacks. There are a few arts and crafts stalls, a charity stall and more stalls selling accessories. The things sold there are not in any way exceptionally different. Just plain normal accessories and clothes you can get at any pasar malam anytime, anywhere. Even the pricing aren't something to shout about, certain dresses for RM45 each, tops for RM25 each and RM10 for three pairs of colourful, plastic earrings.

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Incidentally, there are several similarly themed shops around the park, namely, a few knick-knacks / souvenirs type of shops and a few clothing and accessories shops. These are nothing to shout about either but if you have some time to waste, it is a good choice to have lunch or tea there.

Now, the good thing about New World Park is of course the variety of food there! It is a great place to search for any type of food you are hankering for. You want to dine in a restaurant? Sure, they have an Indian banana leaf restaurant, a nyonya restaurant, a Taiwanese restaurant, a Japanese restaurant and several western food restaurants like the Manhattan Fish Market.

Not to your taste? Well, head on over to the hawker side fronting Swatow Lane and Hutton Lane or at the back of the 'expensive' side which fronts Burmah Road. The hawker food is also relatively good with Cucur Udang, Mee Sultan, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Dumplings, Chee Cheong Fun, Fish Ball Soup and many more. And to wash it all down, there's the famous New World Park ABC ice kacang!

As a hang-out place, the two popular tea time places there would be the western-style Starbucks or our local Old Town Cafe. Coincidentally (or carefully planned), these two outlets are opposite each other so you can stand there and make your decision between western or local!

Well, in conclusion, though it is not exactly a great shopping place, it is great for meeting up with friends, great place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon (did I mention free wifi internet thanks to Starbucks?) and most of all, it is pleasingly landscaped and decorated. Very comfy to window shop around what little shops there are and ultra comfy to spend hours chatting (online or real-life).


Anonymous said...

OldTown White Coffee has wireless conectivity as well....TQ

Anonymous said...

The Old Town Cafe for coffee, MUCH cheaper than the other place.