Do your part to stop global warming

It is getting warmer during dry days while the weather is becoming erratic and changing. This is mainly due to the ravages suffered by the environment thanks to our modern inventions and pollution as a result of these inventions.

So, in order to give back to the environment (no, you don't have to give money or do anything labour intensive), why not join in the Earth Hour efforts this Saturday?

Last year, 2.2mil people and 2100 businesses in Australia switched off their lights for one hour in observation of Earth Hour. Just imagine the greenhouse reduction as a result of this.

So, this year, they are organising this event again but on a larger scale. Malaysians could do their part to reduce greenhouse effects by switching off all their electrical and electronic items (yep, no lights, no computers, no fans and no air conds) for one hour this Saturday starting at exactly 8pm.

Come on. It is only for an hour. It won't kill you. Give it a try and maybe you will get a better night's sleep knowing you did something to help the environment.

To sign up, go here.

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