Millions down the drain!

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If what the new CM said about the purported land scams here are true (which I seriously believe is true), all I can say that it is a very good thing that we have a new government to unearth such big bad dirty secrets of the previous administration!

As we all know, land in Penang is very few and far in between. In fact, our lands are probably the most expensive in the whole country due to the limited...errr...land considering we are just a tiny li'l island with only the mainland Butterworth to make us seem like a bigger state.

So, why is it so easy for the previous government to hand out freehold titles like it is nothing but a bunch of cheap sweets?

Why is it that there are land 'improprieties' involving losses of tens of millions? (the report which came out in Star on Sunday say tens of thousands but Guan Eng said it was tens of millions on Sunday morning)

So, kudos to the new CM for unearthing and airing this particular dirty li'l tidbit for all to see and setting up a panel to investigate the whole matter. May the culprits sweat buckets while waiting for the new government to unearth more dirt. I am sure that once they find enough proof, these culprits (we all know who they are...) will definitely have to face the music. HAH! That shall be the day we all celebrate (again)!

It is interesting, though, that all the efforts to clean out offices and ensure documents go missing seemed not to work at all. Hmmm....don't they know dirt is never easy to hide no matter how you try to clean it up?

It is really heartening to hear that he has also banned all DAP assemblymen and MPs from purchasing state-owned lands. If that is not a clean and good attitude, I don't know what is!

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