Happy happy times!

Happy - Happy Moments

....is when I met my baby for the first time after carrying the tiny being within me for a full nine months.

....is when my baby opened his eyes and looked at me

....is when my baby smiled at me for the first time and grabbed my finger in his tiny fists

....is when my baby laughed and gurgled and chortled with such joy at no apparent reason

....is when my baby called me 'Mommy' for the first time

....is when life seemed so dark and meaningless and suddenly, a friendly face, a loving hug, a caring look, a warm touch, a few sweet words from the people I love made it all seemed much so better.

....is when I wake up healthy and ready to face a fresh new day ahead of me, come what may.

....is when life deals me a hard blow and I am able to take it full on without falling over and giving up.

....is when I count the many blessings in my life of having a wonderful husband, a beautiful child, a job which helps pay the bills, caring friends and supportive wonderful relatives.

....is when I see a beautiful sunset or experience an awe-inspiring sunrise and realise the greatness of this universe we live in.

....is when there is a change in the state government, hopefully for the better.

....is when there is still hope and light no matter how dark and sad some incidents are.

....is when a total stranger hold out a hand to help me in one of my times of need.

....is when I met my husband and realised he is the one for me

....is when I finally have a home to call my own after living a nomad-like existence for many, many years.

....is when I took leave to spend one whole month traveling and enjoying the company of my mom before she passed away suddenly from a stroke.

....is when it is FRIDAY and I have the next two days off from work.

....is when it dawned on me that happiness is what we make of it and that it can be achieved even in the darkest moments of our lives!

I generally laugh a lot and curse/shout a lot too but I truly believe that life is much much more precious than to waste it brooding over dark, sad moments of our lives. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul, the body and the mind. Why not indulge in it at every opportunity we can? It is free, it doesn't hurt, it can't kill anyone and it burns calories too!

Have a good laugh today and be happy!

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Anonymous said...

hi,look so many happy moment in your life!! :)