NGO reps in local councils

Our new exco for local government, traffic management and environment Chow Kon Yeow has confirmed that they will leave five councillor seats for NGO representatives for each council.

"We hope the representatives will be experts in their respective sectors so that they will be able to provide the service that is needed for their own sectors," he reportedly said.

I personally think this is a much better deal as compared to the previous system where all the councillors are appointed and to make it worse, most of them were just there for the ride. Many of them do not even bother turning up at council meetings and most certainly, most do not do their jobs as councillors at all.

However, a local council elections is still in the pipeline as Chow and the other excos try to find a way to bypass the ministry in order to hold a local council elections. It seemed that the state government would still need to get the green light from the ministry when it comes to changing something like this.

That aside, I still maintain my own personal view that Chow just could not cut it as the local government fella. I mean, he doesn't even know how many former councillors have resigned from the MPSP and he doesn't even know when the former MPPP councillors resigned.

I guess, instead of tying up on loose ends and replenishing their cupboards and drawers with documents, he really do need to visit some crummy stalls in front of the Goddess of Mercy Temple in his constituency. It is all about going down to the ground and less about policy making and formulating beneficial policies to improve the administration of both councils.

**Shrug** I don't know.

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