No more free parking at Tesco

"What??? No more free parking?"


I do love to shop for groceries at Tesco mainly because it is convenient and the parking is free! So, I could practically spend hours there to stock up on my groceries and at the same time have a meal there at one of the restaurants and makan shops there. There are also many other interesting shops to browse around especially when I have time to kill. Basically, it is a great hang out and shopping place without having to pay parking fees on a per hour basis.

Then recently I noticed they have installed the electronic gates at the entrance. And they have also placed the 'paying' machine for the carpark coupon. WTF? Sigh...there goes the leisurely pace which I usually adopt when shopping at Tesco.

I guess the reason for this is because many unscrupulous people have this genius idea to park their cars there and then carpool with someone else to go elsewhere. Thus, they take up parking lots and leave fewer lots to loyal customers like moi. How very inconsiderate! Well, to all of you out there guilty of doing this, thanks to you parking at Tesco is no longer free!


They have yet to implement the parking rates but I do hope that when they do so, it won't be too expensive (e.g. RM3 for first hour, RM1 for the next hour...). If they keep to the RM1 per entry rate, it should be fair enough but if it is an hourly rate, my only hope is that they give customers, with receipts as proof, a rebate.

Sigh...there goes one of the last few shopping places in Penang with free and spacious parking lots. Wait a minute...it is the only shopping place in Penang island with free and spacious parking lots!

Oh well, parking rate or not, I will still continue to shop there for the affordable prices and quite a complete variety of food stuff.

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