The little arts and crafts market

Have a little time to kill this lazy Sunday?

I don't know about you but I am thinking of dropping by at the monthly Little Penang Street Market at UPR (that's Upper Penang Road for those not from around here). The theme for this month is Cosplay, manga and anime. You know, Japanese animation and costume role-playing.
So, manga and anime fans should drop by to see what's there.

I have been to the arts and crafts bazaar several times since they started in July 2006. In the beginning, I was sceptical that it would last. After all, Penangites are known for their sin jamban attitude. You know, we just love the novelty of anything new but once it gets old, it is chucked aside and quickly forgotten.

Well, not surprisingly, the Little Penang Street Market survived! The organisers have done a superb job in keeping the little bazaar interesting every month. They have different themes each month, though most are based on our festivals. They also brought in great entertainment in the form of bands and performances to draw in the crowds.

Most importantly, the arts and crafts stalls are really arts and crafts stalls. Not some stall selling stuffs that are 'Made in China' or worse, 'Made in Thailand'. It is indeed a local arts and crafts place with many of the artists behind the masterpieces on sale doubling as stall keepers and sellers.

Handicrafts and masterpieces you can find includes handmade accessories like earring and bags, handmade clothes, artsy stuffs like vases and framed pictures made of beans. As for pricing, well, some are dirt cheap (at least for handicrafts) while some are so expensive most of us probably can't even afford to stare at it for too long.

There are also a few local food stalls so you can grab a bite as you browse. Alternatively, there's Beach Blanket Babylon and Segafredo there too. If you want some entertainment, they also schedule some sort of performances at certain times of the day.

The market / bazaar opens at 10am and closes by 6pm or so. So, go early if you want to spend some time browsing around. It is fun and entertaining, if you don't mind the heat. It is open air with canopies to block out the direct sunlight or possible rain but it doesn't help with the heat. Definitely no air cond there.

I will be posting pictures of my visit there this Sunday and report on its success.

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