Of missing files and empty drawers

The situation in Kedah where the new excos find their offices immaculately clean and cleared of any files or documents is not actually unique.

Remember the PKR supporters keeping a vigil outside the MB office in Selangor for fear of the outgoing MB carting away and destroying official documents?

Well, it seems that the same can be said for Penang where the exco offices in Komtar were also similarly cleared out and so sparkly clean that not a single piece of paper could be found within any of the offices.

Based on this mysterious disappearance, one could only assume any of these scenarios:

1. The former excos suddenly decided they needed to do some spring cleaning of the offices in the early hours of March 9 right after the polling results are out. Who knows, perhaps it is therapeutic for them to indulge in some file dumping, paper shredding, document carting to forget the pain of losing.

2. There has been an alien invasion - the little green men have invaded Komtar and in order to plot their evil plan to take over Penang and later the whole world, they first start by kidnapping all the files and documents from the exco offices for ransom.

3. The files and documents are actually alive - yep, after years of having to endure boring droning of barely intelligent men and woman, they decided to call it quits and did a mass walk-out of the exco offices. They are now happily enjoying the wonderful weather in Hawaii after hitching a ride with national carrier, Malaysia Airlines.

4. Someone messed up with an Invisible spell - there is a wizard intent on pulling pranks on the new state government so he had placed an invisible spell on all the documents and files in the exco offices. He is now rubbing his hands with glee over the scrambling lot of new excos trying to recover the documents by other means.

5. There is a bigger conspiracy at work - it is a normal standing instruction for all BN leaders, especially those with government posts such as excos, who were unfortunate enough to have lost their seats in the polls to clear up all their mess including destruction / hiding / removal of all files and documents they had ever come across in their course of duty. The objective : To make sure the enemy do not have all the dirty details of their mess or even the clean details of their achievements.

6. It was done with good intentions - the former excos were just being considerate in clearing and cleaning up their offices to make way for the new excos. They just wanted to help by ensuring the new excos do not waste time clearing up their (the former exco's) mess while at the same time get to start with a clean slate. They also thought it is good training for the new excos to go on a treasure hunt for the missing documents.

7. It was a cover up of something more sinister - the missing files and documents are all proof of wrongdoings and major mess ups so the only way to keep it under wraps and hidden from public knowledge is to keep it hidden at all times.

8. The files / documents are self-destructible - the files and documents burst into flames, burn into ashes and disappear into thin air the moment the former excos were officially 'kicked' out of the exco on the night of March 8.

See, there are so many different possibilities in solving the mystery of the missing files and documents. It would take a better investigator than Sherlock Holmes to sniff out the real answer to the mystery.

Fortunately, the new excos aren't all that stupid and were not exactly left to flounder aimlessly. They have already started compiling and gathering copies of the missing documents using their own resources.

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