Can she do it?

Before I start, let me first say that I do not have anything against homemakers/housewives, nor do I look down on them. In fact, I wished I could be a homemaker instead of having to work outside the home. So, this post is not an attack against any other homemaker except for the one I am writing about.

Okay, now on to my post.

I seriously doubt the extremely new and only female exco member is going to be able to do her job well. Ong Kok Fooi only joined DAP in April last year and to top it off, she does not have much of other political experience prior to that. More of a rich tai tai than anything else, she used to spend her time volunteering at an NGO and sometimes selling insurance.

However, she has a strong ally in Chong Eng, the BM MP, who I heard had 'dragged' her into the party. So, the hapless tai tai inadvertently became an assemblyman due to the sudden swing in votes and much like striking a lottery, she also got the exco post because she is the only female assemblyman in DAP.

I've had the privilege of talking to her briefly and from that conversation, all I could say is that she is lacking in smarts as compared to Chong Eng. Sure, I do not expect her to be a leader of substance like Chong Eng but at the very least, I expected an intelligent person.

Ong gets the sports, youth, women, community and family development portfolio. However, she seemed to think it is all about women in DAP only.

"I want to bring about DAP women power" she reportedly said when asked what is the first thing she will do.

Huh? DAP women power? Doesn't she know she is the exco for the state government and not just the party?

Sigh...I always knew DAP is short of intelligent, responsible and coherent members but shouldn't they at least field candidates with more substance and brain cells? Oh well, as I've mentioned in my previous posts, I guess she, like the others, will need some time to adjust and ...err...grow into her part. I just hope it is possible to grow some brain cells and sense on her part.

For the sake of all Penangites, I just hope she and the others will not be fumbling much and quickly wise up. Or else, the four-year term will just be another once-in-a-lifetime thing for everyone that matters. I just do not want to see the arrogant ancient dacing back.

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