Only in Malaysia...

It is only in Malaysia that...

1. Racism is condoned and legally practiced by the ruling government, purportedly to help the majority of the race, called bumiputras, in the country.

2. There is a policy where only bumiputras get to enter universities, become directors of public listed companies, get special discounts for housing, get preferential treatment from every government controlled agency freely without meeting any requirements regardless of whether they are filthy rich or dirt poor.

3. Corruption is so normal that the ruling party of the government coalition, Umno, is the gold ticket for every Malay to become extremely rich.

4. NGOs and the general public of other races who conduct peaceful demonstrations to hand over memorandums were attacked with tear gas and water cannons and even arrested by the police for daring voice out their dissent while the Umno members could hold loud protests that could cause racial tensions in the centre of town without any police actions.

5. It is okay for a minister to brandish and wave a knife, otherwise known as keris, during his party's general assembly to prove a point as if threatening all the other races in the country to toe the line or else...

6. One of the ruling coalition party could not accept the fact of losing and asked for the federal government to withdraw all major infrastructure projects from a state just because the state is no longer under the rule of the coalition party.

7. It is okay for the
bumiputras to say demeaning things about other races but it is illegal the other way around.

8. Bodies of non-Muslims are snatched and buried as Muslims despite objections from families that the deceased did not convert to Islam prior to that while the deceased's properties are seized and kept because a Muslim's properties could not be handed over to non-Muslims.

9. It is almost impossible to convert out of Islam without being harassed and dragged through the religious courts for years.

10. It is possible to change your race when you convert into a Muslim provided if you look like the 'supreme' race of Malaysia.

11. There is a policy to protect the so-called 'supreme' race
(bumiputras) but ended up with most of them being marginalised by their own kind who are in power.

12. That some dimwit kampung uncle controlled by his son-in-law can become a Prime Minister

13. That billions are spent to send a
bumiputra to space while low cost housings are left in deplorable conditions, the poverty stricken were not given welfare assistance, basic infrastructure are still lacking in remote rural places, schools are left in bad conditions, roads are full of potholes, tolls are still being charged for highways and bridge built decades ago 'to cover the cost of building and maintaining the highway/bridge', poverty has not been wiped out and there is no 100% coverage of basic amenities of water and electricity.

14. The indigenous people who originated from this land and are the real
bumiputras were treated like third class citizens and most are still poverty stricken.

15. That it is very easy for people of the same skin colour of the
bumiputras are granted citizenship without any hassle while others will find years of red tape before being told to go back where they came from.

16. Permanent residents of any other races different from those of the
bumiputras may stay here till they die and still would not get a citizenship while those like the bumiputras gets their citizenship within months of staying here.

17. The media are gagged and bound from ever writing or publicising anything negative about the government and the coalition parties or else face their licenses being revoked and companies shut down. Or worse, the reporters and editors face being thrown into jail under the Internal Security Act.

18. There is an act which allowed the police the freedom to arrest anyone they like without giving the person a fair trial.

19. Human rights are not acknowledged at all.

20. Sexist remarks against female representatives while in parliament and state assembly are condoned.

Of course, there are much much more things about great old Malaysia and I am sure it will make a nice thick, 500 page book. But I think I will just stop here.

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