The one on temper tantrums

If there is one thing I can't stand, it is a screaming kid in the midst of a tantrum just because he could not get what he wanted.

Before becoming a parent, I often wondered how parents could let their kids roll around on the floor in public places, screaming and kicking, just because their parents didn't buy the latest Ultraman toy or something.

Then, horrors of horrors, I find my toddler throwing his very first tantrum of screaming and refusing to budge, not in a very public place since it is in our carpark, but still, no less frustrating. I had to drag him all the way from the carpark to our home and since we stay in an apartment, that means going past fellow residents, staring strangers in the lobby and lift and more staring from neighbours.

If not for his cunning resemblance to me and my hubby, I'm certain those who saw us dragging this screaming, refusing-to-walk toddler must have thought that we had kidnapped someone's child.

So, what sparked this tantrum? Well, he wanted to go to Queensbay and we wanted to go home to change first but he was impatient. He wanted to go without any stopover. As toddlers go, any explanations that we will go to the mall later went unheard. We might as well be talking to a wall...a noisy, screaming wall at that. Any threats of violence didn't work either.

Thus, we had to drag him all the way home. Literally.

I was tempted to leave him screaming at the lift lobby but due to its vicinity to the carpark and the staircase, I decided against it. Besides, with so many sickos in this world, it is never safe to leave a small child unattended.

Of course, once we got home, he got the punishment he deserved. He gets to stand in the punishment corner until he stops screaming. And also a very sound scolding. Though we believe in using the rotan as a disciplinary tool, it is largely ineffective because our son is immune to it. It is amazing how time-outs at a corner in front of the altar works better than the rotan!

Anyway, that is the last time he ever tried throwing a tantrum. Perhaps it is a way for him to test our limits, to see if we will give in to his screaming. Now that he knows we will not give in to his screaming, he uses a better way...he begs politely and convincingly.

Now, how do you say 'No' to 'Mummy, please? Pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee? Pleeeaaaassssseeeeee? Pleeeeaaaaasssseeeeee?' combined with the saddest puppy dog expression ever?

Anyway, check out this future politician who knows how to make use of a temper tantrum!

And this is how you prevent a tantrum:

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