The Great Wall of Penang

Is it me or are the illustrious, hardworking, creative and ever so pro-development developers here building a wall around Penang island?

This is not a literal wall per se.

But a wall of skyscrapers and high rises along the coasts of Penang island stretching from Batu Ferringhi down to Tanjung Bungah down to Tanjung Tokong down to Gurney Drive. Then there is another wall being built along the other coast stretching from the reclaimed land of Macallum Street to Jelutong to the Bayan Lepas coastal highway.

Luckily, there are no more land in inner George Town (e.g. Weld Quay, Esplanade and the heritage enclave of Jetties) for them to build anymore buildings or else the wall would be complete!

Don't believe me? Easy. Just take a slow drive from Batu Ferringhi down to Tanjung Bungah down to Tanjung Tokong and down to Gurney Drive. How many high rises / skyscrapers did you count along the way? AHAH! You've lost count didn't you?

Which brings me to the matter of super luxurious condominiums or super condos. I am not against development or anything but this is too much! I mean how many super condos do we need in Penang? Or for that matter, how many Penangites can actually afford super condos? A unit costs around RM2mil and above so how many multi-millionaires are there here who could afford these eyesores?

Sure, sure, they always say it is for the MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) scheme but hello...how many mat sallehs do they think will buy these super condos? Also at what expense? Is cutting down hills, chopping down trees, impacting the environment worth all this? Is adding to global warming worth this? What about sustainable development?

Do we really need more high rises here? Do we need more super luxurious condos when there are still poverty stricken people who could barely afford to rent a room? What about affordable housing for the Penang people first and foremost?

So, to the new state government, please do ensure that all development projects are scrutinised before it is approved.

Penang do not need more high rise buildings for the super rich.

Penang do not need developments which are detrimental to the environment and ultimately the living conditions of the people.

Penang do not need a literal wall (made of high rises) surrounding its coasts!

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